A Shoe Heaven

Fashion | Apr 03, 2013

Hi Stiletts,

001Whenever I feel like celebrating I buy new shoes 🙂 so here’s what came my way today:

– Versace flats

– Sergio Rossi boots

– Dsquared “Raso” Ankle boots

– Lamb Shoes

I literally just got them so I haven’t had a chance to even put them on. But my weirdo self likes to be comfortable at home, with no distraction, before I try any shoes on. I know it’s a bit bizarre, but so is my shoe addiction overall, so what’s really new?

So the Versace flats…..to die for! They are gladiator-ish and white. Being that the summer is nearing us, and my flat collection is lacking I decided to go for these. They are so so so so cute to me. I hope they’re just as cute when I put them on. I’ll show you guys pics or maybe make a video.

As for the Dsquared boots, I’m pretty sure they are my favorites out of the ones I just got. I won’t talk much so let me just show you. It’s pretty self explanatory why:


I think they are my new favorites now. Until the next pair haha.

The Sergio Rossi and the LAMB ones…..I will make another post, cuz I just love the Dsquared ones so much I don’t want to take the attention away from them ahhaha.

For the Stiletts that want to know where I got them, it was on zappos.com

Egreis Gjergjani