Pregnancy Weight & Postpartum Weight Loss

Pregnancy | May 27, 2014

Hi Stiletts,

I’m going to take you through my pregnancy weight and post pregnancy weight loss and body changes. I’ve posted the progress on Egreis Gjergjani Instagram Page over the last 5 months, since I gave birth to Gio in December, however I can understand how annoying and time consuming it must be to go through all my pictures, in order to see the changes. So I decided to make it easier and blog about it.

What have I done to lose weight so quickly? How did I do it?

Egreis GjergjaniI was 130 pounds at the beginning of my pregnancy. I wore a size 4. Most people would always say I didn’t look 130, but a lot less, however I’ve been a steady 130 for a number of years now. I have to say I’ve never been fixated with weight, as in the actual number, but rather the way my body looks. Meaning, as long as my body looks good, I really don’t mind if it’s 140, 120 or 130. The actual number itself does little for me. My only concern is the visual aspect of it. I say that because I know too many women who are far too stuck on that number.

I often hear “I have to lose 5 pounds” rather than “x amount of inches”. I’ve seen and know women who are in the 140’s (lbs) yet their body looks AMAZING. Super toned and lean. You would never think they weigh 140. And I also know women who weigh in the 120’s (lbs) yet have a lot of “flab” in their body and can definitely benefit from toning it up. So I’ve learned not to care so much about the number itself.

Due to my morning sickness, I lost 7 pounds the first 3 months of my pregnancy. I was throwing up non stop; could barely keep anything in. I looked sick, literally. But as the weeks went by, I started feeling better, and so I began to eat more. By the 4th month or so I was back to my usual weight: 130lbs. And the pounds kept adding on, until the day I gave birth, at  180 pounds. Check out Egreis Gjergjani Belly Growth Chart post to see pictures of me each month of my pregnancy.

According to WebMD Healthy Gain Weight Chart, I was supposed to gain between 25-35 lbs. Yea…..let’s just say that wasn’t in the cards for me. Bizarre when I think about it because I truly didn’t look like I had gained that much, and not just that, but most people would say I was “all belly”. I have to say a lot of it went to my thighs too… oh and can’t forget my tatas that got HUGE.

Egreis Gjergjani

I often wondered how did I end up gaining 50 lbs? At the beginning of my pregnancy I told my husband, “I’m only gaining 20. You’ll see”. Good thing we didn’t make a bet on it. Boy would I have lost! I don’t recall eating poorly. If anything, I ate a bunch of fruits. My craving was figs and watermelon believe it or not. Random. I did drink a lot of water too. But crazy enough, my body didn’t retain too much of it. I never had swollen feet or legs or anything.

So I guess it remains a mystery…this whole 50 pounds thing. Gio was only 8 lbs and 4 oz. And with all other things calculated I was left with an extra 20 pounds that I had no idea where it went. But perhaps it was all fat and I was just oblivious to it. Perhaps I was in denial. Who knows. The important thing is I’m 5 months postpartum now and I’ve shed almost all of it off.

So before I get started on how I lost my weight, I want to remind you that if you are pregnant now and are gaining a lot of weight, DO NOT WORRY. Unless of course it’s way above the chart. But even then, as long as your tests at the doctor’s office are coming back normal you are fine. Enjoy these 9 months of not sucking your tummy in! i do miss those days! 🙂

Genes play an important role when it comes to your physical appearance. The shape of our body is inherited. Some of us are lucky and can get away with eating anything and everything without worrying about weight. Some of us can also get away with not working out and still looking “in shape”. And then there are some of us who have to watch every bit of sugar and count each calorie to ensure we don’t add on the unnecessary pounds. By now I hope you have an idea of which kind of person you are. If you are one of the lucky ones, then you most likely will have an easier route with this whole body post pregnancy journey. And if you are one of the majority of women then you know you will have to put in the work, but at the end of the day know that it is worth it.

Egreis Gjergjani 10 days after giving birth to Gio:

I happen to be lucky. The women in my family have bounced right back after each pregnancy they’ve had. No cellulite, no fat, I don’t even get it. So when I got pregnant I wasn’t too worried about anything. I just had a feeling I would snap right back in shape. I have to say that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Well it hasn’t been hard either, so let me not sound like I’m in any way, shape, or form complaining. But I expected to give birth and look thin like I didn’t just go through that whole ordeal.

So the number one thing that plays a major role in how your body will be effected by pregnancy is GENES. That’s not to say however that you have no impact on the way that you look. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do that will change your body into an amazing shape if you wanted to. That combined with good diet and nutrition can do wonders for your physique. This applies to all women, whether they’ve given birth or not. Heck, it applies to everyone.

Egreis Gjergjani 21 days (3 weeks) after birth:

Speaking of nutrition, I’m a relatively healthy eater. I eat a lot of fruit, drink a lot of water, and make sure I eat protein daily. Not really a carb kind of girl, but I do love my cupcakes and that tooth of mine is oh so sweet. I think the rest of my diet balances it out though so it’s not so bad and it hasn’t really given me any issues; not yet at least. I think this has been a big part of my postpartum weight loss.

How your body was before pregnancy has a LOT to do with the aftermath as well. If you were in great shape prior to becoming pregnant, you will have muscle memory and so your body will bounce back a lot quicker. I often hear women complaining about not losing too much weight after they gave birth, expecting to become slimmer than they were before they got pregnant, and most of the time they are relying solely on breastfeeding to do that. Hate to say it, but that’s not really realistic. Sure, some women will become thinner after having a baby than they were before. But those women more often than not were in good shape before they got pregnant. And they are also quite active so please keep that in mind and do not rely on breastfeeding as your only way of shedding it all off.

Egreis Gjergjani 6 weeks postpartum progress:

With that being said, breastfeeding has done an AMAZING job for me. On average you burn around 500 calories a day when you are making milk. I have been exclusively breastfeeding Gio since the day he was born. And he has quite an appetite. I think it’s the best thing I could have ever done for him. He’s such a healthy, happy boy! But on the other hand it has done wonders for me as well. Because apart from eating well and breastfeeding (keep in mind my genes) I haven’t done anything else to lose all this extra weight. So I highly recommend it. But more so for the benefits it has for your child than for you yourself. I believe that once you become a mother, you can no longer be selfish. Your child’s needs come first. But here’s something that not only is amazing for your baby, but for you as well. So if you can, go for it!

Egreis Gjergjani 3 months postpartum progress:

So far I’ve covered body before pregnancy, genes, nutrition and breastfeeding. Now let me talk about exercise a bit. I haven’t worked out at all since I’ve given birth. I also didn’t work out during the whole 10 months of pregnancy. I did however go on walks with my husband a lot. That is the only form of exercise I did. And even now, after giving birth, I take Gio on daily afternoon or evening walks (unless it rains). Our walks are about 20-30 minutes long. Not much, but enough to get some fresh air, get my blood flowing, and give Gio a chance to be out and about and get familiar with the outside environment. I don’t know how much this has helped but I have to imagine it hasn’t done me any harm. So I do recommend it. It’s peaceful and it’s good for you.

If you do plan on working out (more than just walks) please consult your doctor before you do so. I know I was advised not to workout at all for the first 6 weeks. So please check before you do so.

Egreis Gjergjani 4 months postpartum progress:

And lastly, the only other thing I’ve tried has been the waist shapers. Most of you probably have no clue what that even is. I used a few different ones from different companies. They vary in material, elasticity, shape etc. So I wanted to try a few different ones. Here’s the absolute truth: I didn’t use any of them enough to really give a true review. So whether they actually worked or did anything for me, it’s unknown. I take care of Gio 24.7 and quite honestly haven’t had the time to put those on and keep them on all day like I’m supposed to. But I think I will start to. I have seen and heard from my own friends that they’ve done wonders for them. I just wish I had the time or better yet the patience to snap it all in and wear it all day long. But if you can, try it. And please let me know what you think.

My grandma was the one that recommended it. In our culture it’s quite popular to use it after birth and from all the comments I’ve received from my followers, it seems like it’s pretty common in other cultures as well. I have to believe there must be some truth to this ritual. So I’m going to really give it a try one of these days and stick to it.

And today, almost six months later (on June 6th) I’m 136 pounds, back to size 4. My clothes fit just a little bit tight, but size 6 is too big, so I’d say 2 more pounds and they will fit just right. Keep in mind I’m not really big on the number itself, and quite honestly I’m pretty content with where I am now 🙂

Egreis Gjergjani today, May 27th – almost 6 months post birth:

I think I covered it all.If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. I hope this helps (cuz it took me hours to type this and finally finish it 🙂 )

Egreis Gjergjani