Ever Heard of a Belly Cast?

Pregnancy | May 21, 2014

Perhaps it’s because it was my first pregnancy, I don’t know….but I was on a mission to do everything and anything there was when it came to capturing my pregnant days and my big ol’ belly 🙂

Did I go overboard? Of course. But I don’t regret a moment or decision I made. I was happy and proud of my body for being able to go through such transformation and make a miracle. I know I act like I’m the only woman who’s ever made a baby. But I think ALL moms should feel this way! We really did do an amazing thing! I might not know how to flip burgers, but hey! I made a baby!

IMG_7069So one day I was looking at belly casts online. I purchased a belly cast kit from amazon. My friend, Jennifer Stano, had done it herself too when she was pregnant and she made it look easy so I thought “why not?”. Okay….well let’s just say I lacked those skills. I made an entire mess at home and looked like casper had lost his limbs. Total disaster. I didn’t even tell my hubby that’s how embarrassed I was hahaha. So plan B. I was determined to find someone that could do it for me.

So as I searched online, I came across Jim Spinner  and his portfolio. He does a lot of different things (some of which I wish I didn’t even click on …you know…for the sex industry, you get the idea), but his creativity when it came to pregnant women and belly casting was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Now, I know this isn’t for everybody. And if this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t drink it. But for some of us, this is art, and it is nothing but it. I have gotten comments like “Isn’t that a bit inappropriate to have in your house?” …in MY house, no. We don’t teach our kids to look at human body as a sex object; nor do we make any remarks about it. We just simply hang it up as a piece of art, and that’s that. There’s no “eww” about it. It is a beautiful piece of art. It just happens to be of my shape. That’s all.

IMG_7070So without blabbing too much longer, let me take you through some pictures and the process of getting it done. If you want just the belly cast I believe it’s $750. But it was a while ago, so do not quote me on it. Just call or email Jim. If you want the frame that goes around it, then it’s $1500.

The entire process was about 45 minutes long. From start to finish. However, standing there with the cast was only about 20 minutes. I had my husband’s hand holding the side of my belly, while my hand was resting on top of it. This was actually a good idea cuz I could lean on Jeremy while we were getting it done.

Here’s what I didn’t expect….I nearly fainted towards the end. I think it’s cuz I’m claustrophobic. So literally the last 30 seconds of it, when I knew it was almost about to come off, I just felt this huge rush to just burst out of the cast. But I held on as long as I could, and I made it before ruining it 🙂

And here’s the final result. I personally LOVE it. You can get it in any shade you want; any position; you could even use a towel and Jim will incorporate that into the design too if you wanted to cover certain parts, etc. Just get creative with it. But I definitely recommend it. Whenever I miss my belly (which happens often) I just go to my room and look at it.

belly cast

Egreis Gjergjani

Did I mention I made a baby? 🙂 I’m still in shock from it all.

Egreis Gjergjani