Fun Toys & Activities For Babies 12-24 months old

Baby | Feb 10, 2015

It has been a while since I got Gio any new toys. He got plenty of his birthday, which was only two months ago, but he’s exhausted all of them by now. I have a play area for him upstairs where I keep most of his toys, but we also have areas on the main floor and the lower level where we storage some of the day to day toys he likes playing with.

Last night I was thinking of new toys, activities and things to do with him during the day. As easy as it is to just give him a whole bunch of toys and hope that he plays by himself, I enjoy spending time with him by doing little fun activities at home. At lot of them do not even require much: maybe some bowls, pots, containers, pasta, beans, anything that makes a noise and rattles. I try to switch it up as often as I can, but shoot you run out of ideas and things to play with!

So last night, after everyone went to bed I got on my laptop and starting Pinterest(ing) like no other! I searched for all toys and activities for kiddos his age (12-24m) and made a list from all the ones I felt seemed the best. I combined them all in one long list, got on amazon and ordered them. Now, I understand that majority of parents are not able to do this, but do not feel badly. You do not need to a) get all of them b) get any of them and c) you can entertain and stimulate babies just as well using things you have at home! I share as much as I can on my IG page without annoying all of my followers (well perhaps I already do! I know I’m OD with my Gio pictures) so check my IG page for ideas on what to do with things at home. I will make another post actually, another time, with specific games we play at home, using just regular kitchen stuff! I’m going to take pictures and “document” it whenever we do that at home, and I’ll try to combine it all into a post 🙂

Today I’m going to share the list of toys I found online that I think would be great for your 12months-24months baby! I just ordered all of this, so I haven’t received any. I do not know whether he’s going to like them all, or any in particular, but I will update you in a few weeks to let you know which ones were a hit for him. The thing with babies, however, is that they are all so different. So what may work for him, may not work for your child. So you just got to give it a try! If you don’t feel comfortable spending the money, then I suggest taking them to a local playground, or one of those facilities that provides weekly playground times for kids of the neighborhood. I go to Hilltop Learning Center every now and then so he gets a chance to socialize with other babies, and for me to also explore all the toys and activities they offer. It’s great for mommies to get some new ideas/inspiration. I am a bit of an OCD when it comes to germs so I try to limit his visits there, esp during the winter when the kids are more susceptible to colds. They do sanitize all play areas and toys, but you know that can never occur often enough to protect your baby! So summer time is a big hit for us! Winter time, I gotta create my own learning center at home haha!

So check out the list below. I put pictures of it all so you know what they look like and find it easily online. I’m an online shop freak! Amazon heaven! I just find it so easy to shop and get things done that way. I don’t have to worry about driving anywhere, lifting them in and out of the car, etc. I am listing links to all of them so you can just click on it and find them!

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toys for 12-24m