Giuseppe Zanotti Leaves Sculptural Wedges

Fashion | Mar 12, 2013


My lovely Stiletts,

I posted a picture of my new Giuseppe Zanotti Leaves Sculptural Wedges a few days ago, and I noticed a lot of you called these the Kanye West shoes. Close, but not quite. See the Kanye West ones are the white version of these and I believe they only come with a heel, not a wedge. These ones are the Giuseppe Zanotti version so black and gold, and they come in a wedge or a heel, whichever you prefer.

photo 3-2So I was looking all over for the Kanye West ones but sold out in my size =( however I fell in love with the black ones too. Figured they’re a collector’s dream so I had to have it. I found the last 39.5 online at Saks and so I went ahead and purchased them.

So, my review of the shoe:

They are a piece of art Me and absolutely to die for, no doubt. However, I don’t like how my pinky (pinkie?) practically disappears when I wear them. But, that’s not that much of a turn off, so I’ll deal with it. They are definitely comfortable, even though the heel looks just downright scary. I wore them at the office for 9 hours straight and did ok. But I do have a higher tolerance than most people for high heels. I’ve just been wearing them for so long that most of the time I don’t usually feel any pain.

photo 2-3Here’s the thing I love about high end designer shoes: you buy quality. You can count on a heel not breaking, a strap or stud not falling off, or the whole shoe falling apart. So when I pay that high price I expect it to stay put, I don’t care if I’m running a marathon.

As much as I LOVE these wedges and went on a hunt for them to make sure I had them as part of my shoe collection, I had to give them they up. One of the leaves fell Hej as I was walking. In my world, that’s catastrophe. I know it’s just a shoe to most people, but to me it’s what I’m known for so a shoe falling apart just isn’t pretty.

So it pains me to say I took them back to Saks.

photo-40But I was depressed and still am. =( I love the shoes. I just wish they had made them better and stronger. I could have super glued the heck out of it. But the next one would eventually fall off too. So stilesson of the day …. Don’t buy them unless you literally cannot live without them. And if you do, don’t wear them for 8 hours straight.