Give Me Patent, Give Me Pink, Give Me Life

Fashion | Mar 08, 2013


I swear I have a 6th sense for shoes. I can smell new heels a mile away. I can tell which box is a shoe box, doesn’t matter how hard you wrap it. I will be able to tell. It’s what I do all day. I breathe and live for shoes. Obsession? Most definitely. But a healthy one, because I always take care of my bills before I give in to any shoes. They make me happy so the end.


So I was minding my business at work, answering emails as usual, and researching this new market we’re going in to (lead generation crap you most likely don’t care to know about) and then all of a sudden I heard shoes coming…

A pretty navy blue box came, all wrapped up in plastic (no fanciness), and inside of it was another box, white, Trends with the letter “C” on the lid.  *Heaven*

I’ve recently starting becoming a fan of Casadei. I am a shoe collector so I’ll buy any that I like, but when I find myself buying more than just one from the same designer is when I know that I’m starting to dig their style.

Give Me Patent, Give Me Pink, and Voila! You Just Gave Me Life! Look at this beautiful piece of art!

IMG_2003I’m normally not a fan of open toe sandals. Not this open anyway. Peep toe is cute, but usually I don’t buy sandals like these unless they’re just to die for. I’m always cold so I feel uncomfortable when my feet feel naked and all out. But beauty is pain, so I’ll suck it up and just deal with it. Cuz they’re to die for. Oh and the best part about it, the middle part of the heel, where it looks like there’s a space, nope! That’s a mirror! LOVE it.

I live in Los Angeles and so everyone ???????? thinks it’s always warm here but unfortunately it’s been yucky lately, so it’ll be some time before I can rock these bad ones. But in the meantime I’ll be happy to walk around the house and break them in! I’ll have some time to ponder about the outfit I’ll pair them with!

Oh the joy!

IMG_1994So I’m sure you can guess I couldn’t just leave them in the box. abat-jour, I had to try at least one on! So here’s what it looked like…

Don’t mind my skin pealing. Just got back from Bora Bora & I Done4U swear the sun was the devil over there. It tore me up!!! I’ve never had sunburn on the Part top of my foot…but anywho, I digress…back to the shoes! HOT, right?

So for the Stiletts that would like to know where I got them: I purchased them from LuisaViaRoma (click on it to go to the page).

A few days ago I posted a pic of this shoe as shown on the site, on my Instagram page. A lot of Stiletts loved them, but a few others didn’t like them so much. I think it’s because the picture on the site just doesn’t do them justice.

I’ll post a picture in the future when I wear and style them with an outfit. I bet you, you will love them then!

I’d be interested in cheap mlb jerseys getting your opinion on this pair. So feel free to comment!