Happy Easter!

Lifestyle | Mar 31, 2013

Hi Stiletts,

Happy Easter from my family and I to all of you who are reading this!

001This is actually my first real Easter in America. I never really knew how it was celebrated in United States. I remember in college, we just had the day off. I’d be at the dorm with some of my peers who were out of state or out of country as well. We’d just go eat somewhere and call it a day.

Back home in Albania, my grandma used to paint hard-boiled eggs red, and all the kids would get one each. Then we’d go around the building and find other kids who had eggs and we’d have this Easter competition. Basically two kids, each with an egg on their hand, proceed to hit each other’s egg, head first (the side of the egg that’s pointy), and see which egg cracks the other. The egg that cracks loses, but the one that doesn’t wins. If both eggs crack, well they both lose! If you want to read about this tradition and what it symbolizes read this article.  I’m not sure if this is a tradition done in US, but my bf said they had never tried it.

photo 2Soooooo I had to start it in our family as well! We painted the eggs all different colors, each one of us picked a color of their choice. Then we let them dry and placed them all one by one and carefully into our Easter Bunny Basket. Next, we wrote all our names down and put them all in another basket.

Lucas, since he’s the youngest picked the first name out of the basket. He played against his grandma and he won. Round II was Delaney and her dad. Laney won. Round III was Kayleigh and her grandpa and she won. Then it was Lucas and Delaney and Lucas won again. I had to play against Kayleigh and she cracked my egg like no other haha.

And finally it was Lucas against his sister, Kayleigh. The winner is Kayleigh!!! She won $100!

Last night my boyfriend and I stayed up late after the kids went to bed. We took out all the plastic eggs we had and started filling them with goodies. Unfortunately for us we didn’t have any small candy to fit in there, so we had to empty our pockets haha. We put dollar bills in most, and some of them had $20 bills, and three others had just $5 each.

We hid them everywhere we could think of. Some were pretty obvious, but some other ones I made them work for it. So this morning when they all woke up, they ran downstairs to find the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden for them.

003See, Lucas is little still so he still thinks the Easter Bunny does all this 🙂 How adorable! They ended up finding all the eggs in about 20 mins. Then they all sat down on the floor and started opening them and counting what they got. Let me just tell you they CAME UP!

I remember having to beg my grandma from 50 cents back home. I’d scream for her name when I was out playing in the front yard of our apartment complex, and she’d come out on the balcony and give me HELL before she’d actually throw some coins my way for ice cream. How I miss those days I must say…

004So now I’m sitting in our dining table while my boyfriend’s parents are here visiting us. His mom is making us some home made olive bread; Lucas is playing games on his ipad; the girls are upstairs probably flirting with some cute boy on their phones, and my boyfriend is on zappos looking at the shoes I just showed him I’m thinking about getting (not that I need his approval haha, but I like to get his opinion on things).

I hope each and everyone of you is having an amazing day today and cherish every moment you can with your family. I am sad that I have to go back home. But I have to do what I have to do. I know I can easily move here and forget it all back home, but my career is very important to me, and I’m working on lining some things up before I actually move. So keeping my fingers crossed, in a few months or a year I should have it all ready and good to go.

Ok time to go now. Look at this amazing bread my future In Laws just made. Boy am I lucky!


Much love,

Egreis Gjergjani