How Do Fashion Trends Start?

Fashion | Mar 08, 2013

Ever wonder how Fashion Trends start?

I used to think wholesale jerseys that a group of top designers would gather around a conference table and share their ideas of what should be in for the season, what color combination or prints, which style of shoes, etc. But as I’m getting more and more familiar with the Fashion world (I read Authentic a lot of books on it) I’m starting to learn a bit more about how trends really begin…

Fashion trends are created by a combination of Fashion Designers and Street Fashion. Often times I see similarities between different designers’ collections, hence why I used to think they’d gather and decide, but the reason this occurs is because Fashion Designers are often influenced by Street Fashion.

Egreis Gjergjani StilettomeupAll Fashion Designers are constantly looking for inspiration. So much that they began looking for resources that would help them predict what trends, styles, cuts, colors, etc would be in this upcoming season. The demand for such resources was so high that 40 years ago they created what is now called “Fashion Trend Forecasting

Initially, a Fashion Trend Forecaster would travel the world and take pictures of what people were wearing, how they were wearing it, in what settings etc. But today they are not only Oliver2 focused on just Street Fashion but market analysis as well.  They gather reports which will then be used by major fashion retailers.

There are an estimated 1500 Fashion Trend Forecasters today, majority of which work for agencies who work with large retail stores. The demand for this kind of job is definitely there, however the starting salary can be a bit low, starting at $20k, but it can go as high as $50-60k once you have a few years of experience under your belt.

But back to trends… once the designers have gotten some input and inspiration from the Fashion Trend Forecasters, they showcase their line for the season on runways. Other designers who attend these shows draw inspiration from these collections. Then they launch a similar line for the mass market. These are the clothes you often see in stores at affordable prices. And so the trend begins.

Egreis Gjergjani StilettomeupYou have probably noticed by now that trends tend to cycle back around after a few years. Sometimes I like to go through my grandma’s closet for inspiration. Certain prints I found hideous a few years back, are now appealing to me. James Laver, a fashion historian back in the 1930’s created the perfect Fashion Trend Timeline, now called the “Laver’s Law” as it has been found incredibly useful by many designers today.

According to Laver’s Law a trend won’t start to look appealing to others until 50 years later. Of course, fashion has changed a lot since then, so it may not necessarily take 50 years to love a trend, but what’s important about his timeline is that the trend’s cycle is the same, just more condensed.

So what you probably find and absolutely ridiculous today will be something you most likely will wear in a few years. That’s kind of cool if you think about it. It is great to know that we play a huge role in the world of Fashion and that some of the trends we wear today have been inspired by us.

Egreis Gjergjani