It’s OK To Be A Rebel Sometimes

Beauty | Apr 03, 2013

Hi Stiletts,

Today I was in the mood for something different. I normally shower at night and in the morning I dedicate whatever little time I have before I head to the office, to my hair and make up. Most of the time I put mascara on, nude lips and some blush.

Today I decided to spice it up. I started with my make up first (usually I always pick shoes first). So for the make up I did very natural smokey eye using Naked palette by Urban Decay. Then I used a thin eyeliner (almay) to line my eyelids lightly. I applied mascara and I was done.


I don’t tend to ever touch my eyebrows. I feel like that gives my face a masculine look for some reason. Or maybe I’m just doing the whole eyebrow thing wrong. So i leave it alone. I like my shape naturally anyway. So all I do is wax it once a week.

As for the lips, I decided to be a rebel! I first used Currant lipliner from MAC and once I put it on, I smudged it with my finger all around my lips so it wouldn’t look so harsh and sharp. That color is very, very deep and loud so had I left it like that I’d look like a chola.

Then I applied Rebel lipstick by MAC. After I put that lipstick on, I always end up taking toilet tissue and kissing it so some of that color comes off. I don’t like it when it’s too dark. I look gothic. But I like it when it’s darker on the corners and lighter in the middle of the lips. Kind of like the ombre style. And to finish it off I applied “Oversexed” lipglass by MAC. It looks perfect that way! At least for my skin complexion that is.

Picture 41I don’t like to use any powder, for the Stiletts that have asked. For foundation I rotate it, depending on how I’m feeling that day, but my all time favorites are Chanel, Armani Luminous silk foundation, or Estee Lauder. I always add a drop of Smashbox Luminizer to the foundation and then I mix it well together. I have found that it gives me a natural glow without applying anything extra to my cheeks.

After foundation I add a bit of a bronzer (I like to use YSL) and finish it all off with Melba blush by MAC. And Voila! Done~

I have an oily skin so I always pat my face with tissue paper so that it absorbs the oil. I try to do that as often as I can throughout the day. I don’t use any primer usually, but that’s cuz I barely have time in the morning. My make up stays on pretty good throughout the day, I have to admit.

So that was my look for today! Hope you like it!