My Experience With Plastic Surgery

Beauty | Aug 05, 2014

I had meant to write this for a while now. I knew it would be a long post so I was waiting on the right time to finally sit down and write it. I had to go through all my pictures to find some that would show you what I looked like before in order to see the difference now.

So what work have I had done? 

Two: Breast Augmentation (boob job) & Rhinoplasty (nose job)

egreis gjergjaniI never had boobs. I was always the girl with the flat chest for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until late High School that they went from tiny plumbs to somewhat of a real boob. Throughout college I was a constant full A or with the right bra, B. There were times I wish they were bigger because I could just tell they would look better with certain clothes or bikinis, but most of the time I actually liked them. They were petite but perky. I mean, how could they not be perky? There was nothing to hang lol. But i did like them. The only thing was that I have always had a big butt (used to be much bigger than what it is now back when I was thicker), so people often thought I had my butt done. My flat chest accentuated my bottom part more and it made it look so much bigger than what it actually was. Hence why people always questioned it.

Regardless, I had contemplated getting them done for a while. I was hesitant because I was afraid I would ruin them, and I happened to love the shape and how they looked. So I was always debating with myself. I would see a girl with a really nice C and it would make me consider it, but then come across one with a bad boob job and all of a sudden I would just drop the thought of ever getting them done. This went on for a good amount of years.

Egreis GjergjaniFinally, in 2012 I decided I was going to search for the perfect doctor and see where it all went. I planned on doing a few different consultations and if I still wanted to do a breast augmentation after, I figured it was the right thing to do. So I met with a few, but the one I felt was best for me was Dr. John Diaz in Beverly Hills. I actually met with him a few times before scheduling a date to go through with the procedure. He made me feel comfortable. We looked at different sizes, different types, tried a few of them on under a regular tank top, etc.

I wanted a full C cup. That was my aim. I also wanted them to look natural. So we decided with silicone implants and size 371cc. Here is my advice if you are looking into this for yourself: when you try the silicone implant underneath a tank top, keep in mind that it will look SMALLER once it is in your body. When I tried 371cc I felt it looked PERFECT. But after my procedure, and 6 months later which is when they really started settling in, I wished I had gone bigger. 95% of women who get breast augmentation wish they had gone a bigger size. BUT, now that I am 8 months postpartum and have been breastfeeding for 8 months straight, my advice is to WAIT before you get a boob job. Wait until you’ve had kids. Your outlook on what you want them to look like and what size will change.

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Now I wish I never got implants. They made me feel great for a while prior to having my son. Were they a confidence boost? Absolutely. But really, I never lacked much of it before I had them either. They did make me feel more feminine and womanly. But it is all in your head. Because now that I have them, I want them out. Mine have gotten so much bigger now due to breastfeeding. It is getting annoying to have to buy size L on tops and have them still not fit at the breast area. Or if they do fit there, the top is way too loose all around my belly.

A month after my breast augmentation

When it comes to dresses, I feel entirely TOO HOOCHIE if I wear a tight dress that is tight on the boob section as well. 8 years ago? Oh hell yes. I would have worn it without a doubt. Heck, I would buy dresses specifically for that reason. But now, I’m 27 and am grown. I can’t be walking around with boobs falling everywhere. So when I am done breastfeeding, and after we have more kids and am done breastfeeding them as well, I will consider getting rid of my implants and I am hoping I won’t need a breast lift then. But we shall see.

The other procedure I’ve had is Rhinoplasty. This one I needed so I am extremely happy I made that decision.

Egreis GjergjaniI also debated for a long time on this one as well. I was afraid that they would butcher it and I would no longer look like me. I was afraid it would look fake. I was afraid of change to be honest. But after having a great experience with Dr. John Diaz, I trusted him enough to go through with it. The only thing we agreed on is to not have a drastic change but rather very minimal.

What I hated about my nose was that you could only see this bridge thing if I posed on my left, rather than my right. People thought I was crazy whenever I mentioned this, but kid you not, if I took a picture on my right it would look pretty good (see picture left), but If I took it smiling from my left side, you could see how horrible it looked. So I needed to fix that.

I was tired of taking pictures only from one angle. But the sad part is that I had done it for so long, that even now that I have fixed it and my nose is exactly the same on both sides, I still manage to take pictures only on my right. I guess you can’t break certain habits!

Egreis GjergjaniI have to admit that getting a nose job is a lot harder than a boob job. After breast augmentation I remember I was SMILING after surgery and I’m pretty sure I got up and went shopping that day. After nose job however, not so much. I felt like a dead woman walking. My husband drove us home and to this day I have no recollection of what really happened that day after my procedure. I was zoned out and went home and slept for hours. I remember being in a lot of pain. I got my nose job literally one week before our company Christmas party so I was nervous because I was afraid the bruising wouldn’t go away in time. But it did 🙂

I find it funny that people often tell me they love my nose now and it looks perfect. But what’s funnier is that when I went back home, no one, not even my family could really tell I had gotten it done. They knew something looked a bit different, but they couldn’t pinpoint it. And that made me happy. I can look at myself in the mirror and still see the same Egi. It’s still me. I am extremely happy Dr. Diaz worked on it enough to get rid of the bump, but still preserved my overall look.

(both pictures posted above are before rhinoplasty. See how different my nose looked from the right vs. left? I wasn’t crazy!)

So what is my view on plastic surgery?

I believe in using plastic surgery to fix areas that one is not comfortable with, and cannot otherwise fix with anything else. I do not necessarily agree with people that get plastic surgery to fix literally everything such as getting biceps, triceps, getting implants to give themselves the appearance as if they are muscular, when all they have to do is get their butt to the gym and work out until they have such muscles they desire. That’s taking it a bit far. But on the other hand, what someone does with their body and the decisions they make are not for me to judge nor care. I simply do not have a desire to sit here and tell you what’s right or wrong, what you should and shouldn’t do. That’s up to you. You do what you think is best for you.

I have friends that get botox, lip injections, cheek implants, boob lifts, fat transfer to their butt, butt implants, butt shots, liposuction, eyebrow lift, you name it. I know at least someone who does each…would I do any of that? I would consider botox maybe in my 40’s or 50’s depending on how I age. But right now, no. I’m not interested in any of that. Doesn’t mean I don’t think they should do it. Just means I don’t think I need them for me. We are all different; shaped differently, and we have our own unique view of beauty and what it means. I support anything someone wants to do to make themselves feel happier. As long as it doesn’t affect my happiness, I do not care. Let them live.

So this is my plastic surgery experience. If I get anything done in the future, I’ll be happy to share. As you can tell I don’t mind talking about it, and I’m not one of those girls that wants to hide it or act as if I was born this way. Lol…hell no. But I also loved the old me too. Both beautiful in their own way 🙂

Here I am, one boob job, one nose job, and one baby later 🙂

Egreis Gjergjani