Shoe Game Today: Giuseppe Zanotti

Fashion | Apr 04, 2013

Hi Stiletts,

I bought these shoes on the weekend of my bday, back in January and I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. So today I found the perfect fit for them. These Giuseppe Zanotti booties I got at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas, are so cute to me! Keep in mind that whenever I buy shoes it is for my joy, pleasure and taste. Some may not like it, and I’m totally fine with it. Opinions are for everyone to have 🙂

They are called Giuseppe Zanotti Strapped Peep Toe Bootie and they come in different colors. I tried looking for the orange ones I have online so I could provide you the link where to purchase them, but unfortunately I didn’t find them. I did however find the blue and black ones. Click here to get them 🙂