Another Baby…Another photoshoot

Pregnancy | Mar 31, 2017

I’ve done it again…yes yes I know! I’m professionally pregnant these days. 3 kids in 3 years. Almost everyone I talk to about it says I’m crazy! Sometimes you cannot control these things…it’s fate 🙂 At least that’s what I’d like to think and it helps make me feel better about the fact that I’ll be having three little monkeys running around all so close in age. I’ve yet to get Gio fully out of diapers, let alone add another one to the mix! But, my husband and I are so excited. We are having a little girl this time!

I was convinced that I was just supposed to be a mom of boys. I’d often joke and say “I don’t make girls. I only make boys”. We were also convinced that we’d only have two kids, but then baby girl decided to pop up and show us! 🙂 So here we are…3 years later, and 3 kids later!

I haven’t blogged in so long, so there’s so much to share and talk about. And I will in the next few posts I’ll be writing, but this one, I wanted to share the maternity photos we did! You know I love a good ol’ photoshoot with Lori Dorman! She’s photographed me for all of my pregnancies. So I had to book her again. This time however, we decided not to include the boys in it. Last shoot I did, we brought Gio, and it was exhausting for him more than anything. These shoots can be quite lengthy, and for a little one it can be torture. Since this time we have 2 of them running around, we figured it’d be best to do a solo shoot with just my husband and I and then do a separate shoot with the kiddos after the baby is born.

I had no time to really prep for this shoot. The only thing I did was purchase a mermaid style dress on Etsy so that I could use it for the shoot. Lori has a wardrobe full of gowns to pick from so I didn’t want to stress out. I just brought one pair of heels and some extensions to put in my head 🙂 and called it a day. She took care of every single thing.

I personally love how they turned out. What do you guys think?

Lori, you are fantastic! I cannot wait for you to photograph my kids, once our baby girl is here!

Lori is based out of Glendale, California. Her studio is equipped with everything a woman may possibly need for a gorgeous shoot. She’s got a vanity room that is all white, full of pearly bras, make up, accessories, and it smells so good to top it all off! The second you walk in, it will feel like a pamper day. The staff is all very kind and sweet and they do an amazing job at boosting your confidence while you sit there thinking you look like a whale 🙂 (lol at least I did for some of those butt naked shots). I felt totally in my skin and had one amazing day!

Her website is

Her instagram is: @loridormanphotography

My make up and hair was done by the only person I trust in LA to do it! Her name is Hayo and her IG is @beautybyexotic

Now, i have 3 more months until this little angel comes <3