Am I Having a Boy or Girl – 35 Gender Wives Tales

I’m 11 weeks pregnant and so far I’ve been pretty sick. I expected nothing less since I had it the same with Gio. A lot of women say each pregnancy has been different for them so I had hoped I would experience the same, but back in my mind I feared experiencing a Part II of what I went through last year. I think mother nature has a way to make us forget the pain we went through, otherwise I don’t see any woman having more than just one kid haha. Needless to say, I am absolutely excited about this new miracle of ours.

A child is a miracle. ANY child; whether planned or unplanned; whether they were easy to conceive or finally conceived after months or even years. They are such angels. I think they are a miracle gifted from above and the biggest blessing of all. I call Gio my miracle baby because to me he is nothing short of a miracle. And I am expecting another miracle June of next year. I have never felt happier. I finally figured the meaning of life last year when I gave birth to my son. I finally realized what truly matters in this world; why we are here. Every one has a purpose, a goal, a mission. I believe mine is to dedicate my entire being, time, and life to my family, especially the kiddos. They need all the love and care in the world. I have done a million things wrong in life, and I’m sure I will do a million more, even when it comes to parenting, but I’m determined to try my hardest and to be the best mother I can for them. It’s what I was put on this Earth for. It’s the circle of life. And I hope they do the same for their kids one day as well. There is NO greater love.

I haven’t felt well enough to blog so I apologize for taking a pretty long break. I do plan on writing about my pregnancy, week to week progression and so on, so expect a few more blog posts soon. I’m hoping some other moms who are expecting can relate to it, or find it helpful. So as most pregnant women out there, I too am a victim of constantly wondering what the gender of my baby will be. When I was pregnant with Gio I had so much going on that first trimester. I was sick, I was working, I was leaving work, I was moving to another state, you name it. So I don’t remember even thinking about what the sex of the baby would be. I do remember being convinced she was going to be a girl. And there came my beautiful son, George ๐Ÿ™‚

This time around, I’m so at peace. Life is good, I don’t have the stress I did before, my husband is around every day to help, his family has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to helping me with Gio, so I’ve had a chance to rest and sleep (a lot) and at times google all kinds of wives tales to try and figure out what I’m having.

My gut feeling says I’ll be having another boy. But I know better than to trust it, because I was dead wrong last time. This whole figuring the gender out is a fun way to distract me from the pain. It makes the wait exciting a bit. I personally don’t have a preference. I will honestly be super duper happy whether I get a boy or a girl. I wanted a girl so badly last year because I raised my little sister so I felt like I only know how to deal with girls. I did grow up with my grandma, my uncle, his wife and his two boys who are practically my brothers, but because we are so close in age, i never felt like I had to take care of them the way I took care of my little sister who’s a decade younger. So that’s why I felt so much more comfortable with a girl. But now that I’ve experienced what having a boy is like, I LOVE IT!

A lot of my friends that live around me have boys. Actually, only one of them has a girl, the rest it’s all boys. And we often joke around saying “boys are made for mommas”. Obviously, it’s just a joke. But all in all, boys do tend to get closer with their moms, and girls with their dads. My bond with Gio is amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It would be nice experiencing life with a baby girl, but it would be just as amazing having a little brother for Gio to love and protect.

Okayyyyy…so now let me get started on all the tales I found and what gender they predict for my baby!


This only applies to women who already have a child/children. Look at your baby’s hairline. If the hairline shapes into a V, then the sex of your next baby will be the opposite of the baby you already have ๐Ÿ™‚ If it is a straight line, then the sex will be the same as the sex of the baby you are testing the hairline test on.

Gio’s hairline in the back goes into a V so according to this test, my next baby is a GIRL


This only applies to women who already have a child/children. If your baby is clingy and wants to be on you a lot more than usual, wives tales say that your next baby will be the opposite sex.

Gio has been superrrr clingy. He wants to be held all day long, and it can’t just be anyone. It has to be me. So according to this test, my next baby is a GIRL


Okayyy..this is an odd one. But worth a try. Get in front of a mirror. Pull your skin under your left eye down a bit. You will see rest of your eyeball below your iris. Take a good look at it. If the red lines (veins?) shape into a V or a branch of some sort, then you are having a girl. If it’s just straight lines, then you are having a boy. It has to be LEFT eye only. Go figure.

But I pulled mine down and at first i thought they were just straight lines, but when I looked closely, they connect at the bottom, forming a V. So according to this test, it’s a GIRL


According to wives’ tales, the sex of the partner that was more aggressive at time of conception is the opposite sex of the baby. I honestly don’t know when exactly we conceived and we have taken turns as far as aggressive goes, so this one…i’m completely clueless.


They say, if you gain weight in your legs, you will have a boy. With Gio, I gained most of my weight on my belly and my butt/thighs. My lower legs/feet didn’t change at ALL.

I’m way too early now so this test doesn’t really apply to me YET.


If you are extra moody/bitchy haha, you are expecting a girl. They blame it on the extra estrogen. Well….with Gio I was really sweet lol. This time around, I’m definitely not as sweet. I have caught myself bitching for no reason at all. So I would say it’s a GIRL


If you are breaking out, you are having a girl. If your skin is nice and smooth, and you are glowing, expect a boy.

I definitely haven’t broken out at all. I look pale and sick, but no breakouts really. So according to this one, i’m having a BOY


If you like to rest on your left, they say you are having a boy. If instead you prefer the right side, it’s a girl. I like either side. So I really can’t tell with this test. If I rest long enough on one side, I like to switch to the colder side ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m having either or.


If your partner gains weight, it’s a girl, and if he doesn’t or loses weight, then it’s a boy. This didn’t apply to me last time with Gio. My hubby definitely gained some weight when I was pregnant with our son. This time around he has actually lost a bit. But I don’t know if it’s still too early to tell. But so far….it would be aย BOY


Take a necklace with a pendant on it. I used my gold necklace that has a cross that hangs from it. Keep it straight and steady and hold it above your hand, palm facing up. Within a few seconds it will start swinging. It is also supposed to show you the sex of all kids you have had/will have. If it swings in a straight line, whether up and down, side ways or diagonally it is a boy. If it goes into a circle, it’s a girl.

Mine went diagonal first, then in a circle, and then straight again. SO that would mean, BOY, GIRL, then BOY again. The craziest part of this test is that I literally tried it at least 10 times and every single time it was the same. Weird. So GIRL is what I’m having next.


Take your wedding ring or any ring really, and run a thread across it. Hold it up about 12 inches from your belly. Lay flat on your back, and watch it swing. If it goes on a circle, it’s a girl. If straight, it’s a boy. Mine went on a circle. So GIRL.

But, I did read all kinds of interpretations about this online. Some say that if it goes in a straight line, it’s a girl, and circle means boy. So i have no idea which one is really the real tale, but the one I picked is the one I felt like I came across more often than the other.


The sicker you are with your pregnancy, the higher the chances of getting a girl…so they say! Well, I was sick as a dog with Gio and he came one beautiful, healthy baby boy. And I’m sick this time around too. Not as much as with Gio, but definitely still feeling ill. So according to this I’m having a GIRL but it wasn’t accurate for me the first time, so it could very well be another boy ๐Ÿ™‚


If your areola has gotten darker, expect a boy. If it didn’t change color, or it is lighter pink, then it’s a girl.

With Gio I definitely noticed the difference. They were super dark. But this time around, they haven’t changed at all, so according to this test, it’s a GIRL


If you have colder feet than usual, they say a boy is on your way. If no change, then it’s a girl.

According to this test, I’m definitely having a BOY. I need socks at all times. I’m always super cold on my feet.


If your nose has gotten wider/bigger, this wives’ tale says you will be having a boy.
I think it’s too early for me to notice any changes. So no verdict on this one.


If you are experiencing a lot of headaches, a boy is what you should be expecting.
I haven’t had any this time around. I did have a few with Gio but I was also low on fluid intake so I think it was dehydration more than anything. So according to this, I’m having a GIRL


If you are carrying high, it’s a girl. If low, it’s a boy. If your belly is shaped like a basketball, it’s a boy. If you are carrying more sideways (or on your hips) then it’s a girl.

I barely have much of a belly, so no clue on this one!


Whenever you go in for an ultrasound, they check your baby’s heartbeat and tell you what it is. If it’s above 140, the tales say it’s a girl. If it’s lower, then it’s a boy.
With Gio, it was between 140 – 160 so according to this, he would have been a girl. But he wasn’t ๐Ÿ™‚ With my new baby, the heartbeat has been in the 170’s. So according to this test, I’m having a GIRL even though it wasn’t correct the first time around.


Craving sweets? Get your pink shopping on! I craved both sweets and savory things with both of my pregnancies so I have no clue what this really means. It’s a 50/50


According to the chinese gender chart I found on it correctly guessed my first time being pregnant with Gio. It said BOY. When I did it this second time, it says GIRL. So according to this I’m having a GIRL.


My grandma showed me this when I went to visit her a few weeks ago.

According to this, I’m having a GIRL


I found this here, but I personally chose not to do this. I felt like it was too dangerous to even try, so wasn’t worth it to me. But if you want to, feel free to check it out. All details are on this link.


Have someone hand you a key. Depending on how you grab the key or more importantly WHERE you grab it, supposedly tells you the gender of your baby. If you grab the key from the top (meaning the biggest area of the key) then you are having a boy. If you grab it in the middle, it’s twins, and if you grab it by the thin part, (the part that goes inside a lock) then you’re having a girl.

According to this, I’m having TWINS.


Most women get the line nigra on their big bellies ๐Ÿ™‚ If it runs from belly button down, it’s a girl. But if it goes above the belly button too, it’s a boy.
With Gio it was a long, straight line from the top of my belly, down to the bottom. So definitely a boy. It’s too early for me to tell this time around. Matter of fact, the line from my first pregnancy hasn’t even disappeared yet.


Add your age at conception to the month of conception. For example for me: I’m 27 and I conceived in September. So that is 27 + 9 = 36
According to this test, if the number is odd = boy; if even = girl.
So I would be having a GIRL.

When i tried it with Gio, I was 26 when I conceived him and we conceived in March. So that would be 26 + 3 = 29 which is an odd number = BOY. Correct ๐Ÿ™‚ lol


Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Add 2 cups of red cabbage (chopped up into small pieces). Turn the heat off, and let them simmer for about 10 minutes. This website has ALL the details to it. I personally didn’t do this one. Too lazy lol. But if you do, tell me how yours turned out!


Notice your hair growing faster or thicker on your legs? You are having a boy! If no changes, or less hair, then it’s a girl. I honestly haven’t noticed any difference, so I don’t think I can make a decision on this one.


If you have a child already, remember what their first word was? If it was dada or baba, that means you are having a boy. If mama, then it’s a girl. I don’t see how this makes any sense (then again, neither do ANY of the other ones I listed on here), since most babies say dada first. It’s easier for them to say. Anyway…Gio’s first word was DADA. So I’ll be having another baby BOY.


Your breast size will change throughout your pregnancy, especially towards the end. But if your left one is bigger than your right one, then it’s a girl. But if the opposite, it is a boy. In my case, it would be BOY.


If you feel like you have become clumsier once pregnant, you are having a boy. If you are strolling around gracefully, then it’s a girl. Well, in my case it’s definitely a BOY. I’m hitting every damn corner of my house. My thighs are sooo bruised it’s actually funny.


According to the Ramzi theory (which claims to have a 95-97% accuracy rate) if your placenta is attached to the left side of your uterus, you are having a girl. If it’s on the right, it’s a boy.
When I went for my ultra sound, they told me my placenta was clear in the middle. Soooo this theory doesn’t apply to me! Womp Womp


The direction of the hair swirl at the top of your child’s hair is linked to the gender of your next baby. If the swirl goes into the right (clockwise), your next baby will be a boy. If the opposite, then it’s a girl. According to this, I’m having a BOY


So I ordered Intelligender which is a home gender prediction test. You can purchase it here.

My result showed GIRL. At least that’s how I interpreted it. The colors are so close though, it’s hard to really tell. On a second thought though….it does look a little greenish so maybe it means boy. Who knows lol!



Put two tablespoons of baking soda in a plastic cup. Take another cup, and collect some of your first urine in the morning. It has to be the very first urine of the day. Pour some of the urine you collected into the cup of baking soda. If it fizzles like soda or foams up like beer, it’s a boy. If nothing happens, it’s a girl.
Well, I decided to get graphic and take a picture. So as you can see, it did NOTHING for me. In this case, it’s a GIRL



Take a pencil with an eraser on top. Thread a needle then place it at the center of the eraser. Place your wrist on a flat surface (palm facing up). Holding the “device” by the string, hover it over your wrist. It will start moving soon. It normally starts with a circle so don’t count that. But watch how it continues to move. If it sways side to side it is a girl. If it sways up and down (hand to elbow), it’s a boy. But if it goes diagonally then it’s twins.
Mine went up and down which would explain my first baby who is a boy. Then it went side to side, which means my next baby will be a GIRL, but then it went up and down again, which means another boy somewhere in our future.

Soooo looks like I had more girls than boys according to these tales. I personally think they’re all just for entertainment purposes and make it fun for us to wait. I’ll be finding out next month or beginning of January what I’m having. I’ll keep you guys posted ๐Ÿ™‚

pencil, needle, thread test

(picture taken from youtube)

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    Well i have a girl and a boy…i did your grandma’s prediction card and it showed me what i have…Good one! I’ll definitely will be using it if i get preggo again. Wish you the best today and always…blessings and thanks for that chart.

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    I think you having another handsome boy

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    Don’t find out, let it be a Surpise! Can you imagine the feeling the second you find out !? Ahhh

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    My Goodness my is saying boy then girl. hahaha. Cannot wait to find out mine. Are you exercising? I m finding so hard to do it. I m 20 weeks and havent worked out in 2 months.

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    November 22, 2014 at 8:29 pm (3 years ago)

    I always laid on my right side when I was pregnant, since the minute I found out I was pregnant I didn’t want to lay on my stomach because I didn’t want to hurt my baby

  8. Desiree
    November 22, 2014 at 8:29 pm (3 years ago)

    I always laid on my right side when I was pregnant, since the minute I found out I was pregnant I didn’t want to lay on my stomach because I didn’t want to hurt my baby

  9. Tina
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    I was soooooo wrong!!! Haha. I guess I just wanted you to have a girl lol. I have two boys and a girl and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Double the happiness

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  15. Kimberly
    June 28, 2015 at 2:03 am (2 years ago)

    I have done many little “tests” or “old wives tales” such as the pencil and needle, chinese calender, Ramzi Theory, previous child behavior ( i have a toddler Boy whom is very clingy), I am very moody, constantly nauseous and sick all the time, all of my tests/ old wives tales indicate i am having a girl. At 12 weeks i did the Panorama testing (which is 99% accurate) at my OB visit and …….Its a Girl! Trust your old wives tales i would say…They were also accurate with my previous preganancy as well:)


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