Custom Katerina Bocci Dress

Fashion | Sep 23, 2014

She’s an Albanian fashion designer whom i discovered not long ago, and let’s just say I fell in love with her pieces right away! I am particularly in awe of her bridal collection, and initially found her by searching for just that. My husband and I got married a year and a half ago, but we never really had the ceremony. We do plan on throwing a big one in Albania sometime soon. I am waiting on Gio to get a big bigger, and if we are not expecting any time soon then I will finally have time to focus on planning one. It’s a bit tricky since it will be in another country! But regardless, looking forward to it.

So, back to the amazingly talented Katerina Bocci! She sent me a picture of this beautiful, silver dress she had designed that one of her models was wearing and asked me what I thought of it. It was breathtaking! I’m not going to lie, at first I was unsure of ordering one for myself because the kind of material it is, it would show even the veins in your body, let alone bones or fat (in my case for sure fat hahaha). But I have lost all and then some of my pregnancy weight since I had Gio 9 months ago, so I figured, oh well! Plus, if I don’t look as good as I think in it, I can always wear it at night hahahah. That, or some spandex or whatever those things are that tuck you all the way in!

I went ahead and ordered one. The dress just got in today! I couldn’t wait to try it on. All day today I’ve been in PJs that have gotten so loose and torn that they were literally falling off my body. That ever happen to you? I don’t know what it is about cotton pjs and the way they stretch out. I guess they’re not really meant to be worn and play around with a baby all day. I don’t think I took a shower today either…reminds me I need to hop in one before I head to bed or tomorrow i won’t make much headway in that area either. Soooo my hair was in a ponytail as I usually like to keep it when i’m home. I threw the dress on, grabbed the camera and told my hubby to go to work! lol. He loves shooting pictures. We just got our couches in and since they’re this beautiful tufted, leather material, I thought it would be great to pose in it! Speaking of couches, take my advice on this: never order from italy or any other country where the items have to be imported. I’ve been waiting on these couches for literally months!

Anyways, here are some pictures of the dress. The front is very plain but it is almost necessary when you have such a detailed back! I’m planning on wearing it to a special event. When I do, hopefully my hair will be on point and I can take some real shots of it 🙂

Katerina, Thank You darling! You are amazing!

Egreis Gjergjani wearing katerina bocci dress

Egreis Gjergjani wearing katerina bocci dress

Egreis Gjergjani wearing katerina bocci dress