Daily schedule & activities for your kids at home during Corona Virus outbreak

Baby | Mar 20, 2020

I’ve had this blog for over 6 years, and I come and go. I either go all in and post nonstop, or I go cold turkey and don’t post anything for months, if not years. Explains me to a T though. I’m all in or all out. But I really do enjoy writing. I feel like it’s the only way I communicate effectively and truly express who I am and what I’m about. In a perfect World, I would write all day long and never have to actually speak. And maybe, I’ve gotten what I’ve asked for.

Meet Corona Virus. Fucker came out of nowhere and it came swinging and ready to make some changes. And while it is hitting us very hard, what it doesn’t realize is that we are capable of handling ANYTHING is thrown at us. I also do believe, in my heart, that everything happens for a reason and something like this had to happen for us to make some real, significant changes in our lives.

As a business owner of two online brands, (http://www.ittybittytoes.com and http://www.byegreis.com)  this is definitely a challenging time, but in a very strange way, I can also see how it will benefit my company and I, in the long run. It has only been a few days since we’ve had to deal with the new schedule of not going in, not having that many orders, not a lot to ship, etc, but it has also made us start thinking harder about how to improve our company:

– where can we cut costs that we took for granted before because the company could afford it

– how do we best utilize our skills as employees and where can each and every one of us step in and wear some different hats so that we can minimize costs

– how do we cut costs on shipping but still maintain the same delivery timeswhich kind of sales can we run at this time to bring customers back in

– what kind of designs should we focus on for future releases so that they are useful to our clients who are now not having to go out as much as before, etc.

No one wants to be in this spot. No one likes change. Change is scary, risky, and you will lose before you see any benefits to it. But, I’m a naturally optimistic person, and I tend to find the positive in any negative situation. Change is good. Change forces us to get out of our comfort zone and try harder. Change is actually necessary. Though the circumstances aren’t ideal, and for a lot of us it may mean sacrificing, it can be used for good. It can be turned around. The key is HOPE and hard work. 

So I decided to blog about the things I am personally going to do and the changes I will make so that I can best adjust myself and my family to this new way of living (as of now). 

For those that do not know, my name is Egreis and I’m a Capricorn at heart. We are the most hardworking, detail oriented, everything by the book, type of people out there (clearly no bias here lol). I like knowing what I’m doing, when, and with whom at all times. That’s just my personality and it’s how I’ve lived my life. Without having an exact idea or plan, I struggle. If you are like me, you will likely not benefit from this, because you’ve probably made your own damn list.  But, if you are not like me, and desperately need some guidance as to what the hell to do in these trying times, at home, with your little ones.

Ok so I’m going to share with you a weekday schedule that I’ve created as well as a weekend one. These are specifically created for my kids, on a day to day basis. 

I put it into a cool animated graphic because it’s much more fun to look at, and this is already hard as it is, so we can all use some colors and animation in our lives.

Everyday Schedule for the kids at home:

Weekends with the kids: 

We follow the same schedule as during the week, but we mix it with the following:

For each activity, I created a list of options to choose from:


For the chores, I created my own list above, but I also came across this super cool chore calendar on amazon. Take a look and see if this may be something you may want to try.

Learning Time:

Math Choices: here’s a list of products that I’ve purchased from Amazon that I used for all of our Math Activities

Letters & Reading Choices: here’s a list of products that I’ve purchased from Amazon that I used for all of our Letters & Reading Activities

Craft Time:

  • Dough 
  • Glow in the dark games
  • Craft kids to build necklaces, worms, etc.
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Coloring 
  • Rainbow crafts
  • Drawing/painting
  • Forky craft
  • Fingerprint art
  • Paper plate monsters
  • Pretend snow
  • Look on Pinterest for more ideas

These are just some ideas that I came up with today. If you follow me on Instagram, or if you don’t, this would be a good time, because I plan on sharing my everyday journey through Instagram stories. This will be good to see for example what kind of education games/activities I will be focusing every day, on each kid. If you are visual like me, perhaps that may be an easier way to understand what I’m doing with my kids, rather than read about it. 

Same thing goes for the chores, the snacks, meals, outside activities and so on. 

I am fully aware that this kind of schedule works only for stay at home moms, or parents that are able to stay at home during this time. If you are not able to, I completely understand, and please do not feel bad. If anything, it is the time to be grateful that you have a place to go to work everyday and provide for your family. And for us that are staying home, whether because we have been fortunate enough to be able to do so, or because our jobs are allowing us to, I also understand that we may not be able to do all of this, because we still have to fulfill our duties as employees of a company, even if working from home. Even though I own my own business, I am on the same boat with you. I have a lot of work to do from home, a lot of employees to guide and respond to, and a lot of behind the scene decisions and work that only I can do. So my solution for this has been to get help inside the house. 

My children’ school has been closed indefinitely until the end of the school year. Because I have to work on my businesses, I am not able to fully take off and homeschool my kids on my own. So I am having my assistant and a nanny help me with my kids and making sure that we follow this schedule I’ve created. 

If you have family helping you, you can ask them to do the same. There is no such thing as a perfect, or ideal situation here. So we all have to do the best that we can with what we got. This is not the time to compare our situation to others, or feel bad in any way for what we can or cannot do. This is the time to challenge ourselves, get stronger, and bond with our family more. 

Hopefully this helps in any way! Since I will have more time than usual to write, I will be updating my blog often in case this schedule I came up with turns out to be complete shit and will update you on whatever changes I end up making.

If you have some other ideas or things you would like to share, please comment so we can all learn a thing or two.

I definitely do not claim to know it all or any when it comes to parenting/homeschooling kids at home. But this experience will definitely teach us quite a bit. 


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