Gio Trying Solids

Baby | May 16, 2014

Gio has been breastfed since he was born.

At first I was worried because I have had a breast augmentation and I wasn’t sure how that would affect my milk supply. I had asked my doctor at my consultation and he said it wouldn’t be an issue, but you never know how your body reacts. So needless to say, when my milk did come in I was happy. And it has been a great experience. Gio loves it and he latched on immediately after birth.

The first few days at the hospital my milk hadn’t come in yet and Gio lost 10% of his body weight. They pushed for me to use formula, and I tried it once, but then stopped. I just didn’t feel right. I wanted to give my body at least a few more days before I got my son used to formula. And I’m glad I did. I ended up having a great supply.

So here we are a bit over 5 months later, at 21 pounds and very healthy. I plan on keeping him breastfed at least until 1 years old, but not exclusively. I want him to start eating solids as well. But this month I’m going to just experiment and have him try different things, more for the taste aspect of it rather than an actual meal.

baby bulletSince I’m a stay at home mom and only have him to take care of I want to make his food at home, and not buy anything already made at the store. I think this way is healthier and since I can, why not?! It’s also cheaper, believe it or not. So to get ready for this I ordered the Baby Bullet from amazon. It’s very easy to use and not so pricey either. It comes with storage containers too.

I also ordered some plastic spoons, some bibs, and a high chair. I just used the high chair today for the first time. It’s the Bloom Baby Fresco Chrome High Chair from amazon as well. If you didn’t know, amazon is my GO TO shop for everything. Literally. I have the prime membership or whatever you call it where you get free 2 day shipping for an annual fee. Totally worth it.

bloom high chairSo when it comes to solids, as a first time mom I had NO clue where to even begin. Not to mention all of the contradicting advice I’m getting left and right. I know people mean well, but it simply gets overwhelming when no matter what you do, there is always someone that doesn’t agree with it and feels the need to speak their mind loudly and clearly. I’m trying here. Trying my best while at it too. And rest assured NO ONE loves my child more than I do; as much as you might like him..I appreciate it but he’s my world and everything. Rest assured I do the best I can for him. .

My close friend, Veronica, would Skype me often and show me the different recipes she was making for her son, who is only 2 weeks older than Gio. I told her she should start a blog and IG page because I was sure other moms would find it helpful. I like that she is creative with her choices of ingredients and is not afraid to try some recipes that might not necessarily be what you usually hear of. On top of that, seeing how well her son was taking and reacting to it, I felt confident enough to try her choices.

She created a blog and an Instagram page for those who are interested.

As a first, I decided to go with the broccoli and banana mixed together. First I steamed the broccoli using a rice cooker that has a steaming option. When it was done, I used the Baby Bullet blender to blend it along with the cut out pieces of banana. I blended it until it was puree like. Then squeezed a bit of lemon juice so that the banana doesn’t change color.

drinkI used a spoon to feed him, but Gio is not used to it at all. He pushes it out with his tongue. He’s only used to sucking. So after numerous attempts with the spoon, I decided to pump some milk and add the mix in the bottle of milk. I shook it all up and VOILA! (Make sure you cut the nipple open a bit more than just the hole it comes with. Otherwise the baby won’t be able to suck from it since the texture now is a bit thicker).

I posted a quick video on my Instagram page of the whole process so you can check it out here:

I got all kinds of comments about it; some don’t think broccoli is a good choice to start with. Some think it’s great and there are no issues. But you have to go with your instincts and what your doctor recommends. There are no allergies in our family. Also, I want Gio to get used to every single different kind of food so that he doesn’t learn to become picky. In the future I plan on blending whatever I make for the rest of the family and give it to him. But for now, we’re just going to experiment with different things so he can explore his taste buds 🙂

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