Could It Be? My Pregnancy Test Result!

Parenting | Oct 08, 2014

To be or not to be….PREGNANT?!

My husband, our son and I decided to take a pregnancy test this past weekend! Watch the video to see our results!

A part of me still cannot believe this is happening. I was SO nervous to even take the test. We haven’t tried not to get pregnant, but we haven’t tried for it either. So it was definitely nerve wrecking to go through the whole testing period, even though it was 2 minutes long. Felt like the longest 2 minutes ever. Part of me felt like there is NO way I am, because I just didn’t feel pregnant. And the other part of me that felt like I could very well be pregnant since I had just gotten my period last month, so I knew I had started ovulating.

My husband has been wanting this the entire time. He loves children, and this would be his 5th. I love them as well, so it’s a great feeling to be surrounded by love and know that everyone around you wants this just as much, if not more 🙂 The last few months we have been teasing the kiddos about me possibly having another baby soon, and as much as they always joked and said NOOOOO, when I would tell them I wasn’t pregnant, they had this sad look on them. So we knew that deep down they would very much love another baby around the house.

I have obviously thought about having another one since Gio was born. But I didn’t want it to be right after Gio, because I wanted to give my son everything that I possibly could. By that I mean all of my love, attention, care, time, and dedication. I didn’t want to be pregnant so soon because if I had a pregnancy like my last one, it would mean I would be extremely sick for the first 4 months. Of course, it could very well be completely different second time around. But because I know what it was like to have such bad morning sickness, the thought of going through that with a tiny baby around scared me. I didn’t think it would be fair to my son. George is my world and the thought of not fully partaking in every single milestone, or even daily activity of his just saddens me. So as I sit here and type this I am tearing up. A part of me is soooo happy and soooo excited that a tiny little angel is growing inside of me. But the other part of me makes me cling on to Gio that much more. I keep telling him “I love him” like a little kid who just learned how to say it for the first time. I just want to make sure he understands and knows that I am here, and I will always be here, and he will always be my world no matter what sibling or siblings are coming our way.

I have talked to some of my friends who have more than just one kid and I always ask them if they favorite one more than the other. Of course they always say “No” lol. But i feel like if they said yes, they would feel guilty. See, a part of me feels like there is NO ONE i could ever love more than my son. Heck, not even me. Is that because he’s my only one? I don’t know. They say this will change the second you hold your next child. I sound like a horrible mother of two already. I already love my second one and he or she or they are only a few weeks old. But part of me feels like George will always be my special baby. Who knows…this whole growing older thing has taught me so much I never imagined before. Maybe I will find out that mothers do love all children the same indeed and they don’t play favorites.

I just can’t believe it! I’m pregnant! As in PREGNANT! I am sooooo soooo excited. I don’t care if I have a boy, girl, twins, triplets, two boys, two girls…anything! I just want a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby(ies). I’m leaving all of this in God’s hands and praying that he watches over me and my family!

Last pregnancy was a very rough one. I was so stressed out, I was sick, the unknown feared me, I had no experience, I was scared, I was clueless. This time I no longer am those things. I am strong, I am prepared, I know what to expect, I am full of life and love, I am relaxed, and I am completely at peace and ready for this. I am looking forward to an amazing journey, God willing.

Thank you for being a part of this and letting me share our joy with you <3



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  1. Jasmine says:

    Congratulations:) you’re already amazing mom, you love with every fiber of your being, you’re heart is going to grow, as you fill your world up with all the things you love

    1. Stephanie says:

      Congrats on such great news!!!! Your going to love that new baby(ies) just as much as you love Gio. I’m a mom of 3 and I was so afraid when I had my second child….I couldn’t imagine having enough love for another child like I did for my first born but you know what I loved that baby just as much…its amazing the amount of love you can have!!!! And don’t feel bad..we have all been there. Your such a beautiful mother now just wait till you have more you’ll be super mom. So congrats again and can’t wait to be apart of your new journey on IG. GOD Bless and I’ll be praying for you!!

    2. Vanessa says:

      Thanks for making me cry so early in the morning (happy tears)!
      Congradulations and God Bless you and your family.

  2. erikakarime says:

    Awwww i cried!! Congrats!! Im so happy for you guys!! I have 3 kids and i was scare everytime 😉 you are such a great mom you have nothing to worry about! 😉

  3. Valbona says:

    Congrats my kids are 13 months apart and it was actually planned to have them close in age. It was the best decision! My daughter loves her brother so much and after the first month and routine things got much easier. Every pregnancy is different with my daughter I wasn’t sick at all and with my son I was so sick. Good luck Hun it will be fine and don’t feel guilty because once he or she is born you will love him or her the same.

  4. Jessica says:

    Congratulations I got goose bumps watching your video. Maybe up next a girl for you. Xoxo God bless

  5. Ashreen says:

    I cant wipe this smile off my face teeheee im soo soo happy for you and your family! Congratulations beautiful! x

  6. Anslee says:

    I have a 2 year old and stuggled for months going back and forth on to have baby #2 or not because I didn’t know how I could ever love someone the way I love him, so I can totally relate! I feel as my first born he will always be number one somehow, but I type this now 5 months pregnant with anther baby boy and I’m attatchig to him better than I thought! I’m thrilled to be giving my first a sibling and overjoyed that it’s another boy since I’ve been down this road before. There are days when I’m a little sad and cling my first tight thinking these are the last days of benign just HIS Mama, but I try to remind myself I’m giving him and sibling and a best friend!! It’s all very exciting and overwhelming! Congratulations and well wishes to you, George, baby & family! I love following you and enjoy your blog!!!!

  7. Marisol says:


  8. Noemi says:

    Ahhhhh even I cried

  9. Keri L says:

    Congratulations !!! Such a precious video!!!!

  10. Helen Sosa says:

    Everything will be ok…I have three babies back to back…I can’t lie and tell you it will be easy but I can tell you it will be ok…you’re an awesome mom and your babies are blessed to have you…the first months after the baby is born will be a bit chaotic…you will feel overwhelmed but all that passes once you enter into a routine…and you’ll see them grow up together…become the best of friends and that will be the best memories you will have…many blessings to you and your family…any questions just email me @

  11. Kelsey Davis says:

    Im literally crying watching this!! You’ve always been my role model and idol even though I’m only 19. You deserve the absolute world, and I am so so so beyond happy for you, Gio and your growing family.
    Much love, and god bless.

  12. Hanna says:

    I am so excited! Congrats!!!!

  13. Carlota says:

    Wow! Congratulations! You have a beautiful soul and you deserve it!! I’m a huge fan if yours and share the same obsession over shoes and g wagons! Again congratulations!!! Enjoy

  14. Allendra says:

    I follow you on Instagram. I don’t usually do this. I’m only 17, but hope my life comes out as half as perfect as yours. I love your sense of style , you love for your family, how intelligent you appear. I’m always waiting for your next post. Lol your perfect just wanted to let you know. Bye !

  15. bruna says:

    Ahhh congratulations! Its a perfect time.. You will be amazing!! Good luck

  16. Cynthia uribe says:

    God bless you and your family.

  17. Marie says:

    Congratulations!!!! I literally teared up! I Look forward to seeing your baby on Instagram

  18. Monique says:

    Congrats love on exciting new!,I wish you all the happiness and no morning sickness.. I had it both of me pregnacies until delivered

  19. Arjeta says:

    Omgggggggg so happy for you I’m literally crying and reading. i just wish you the best and so exited for you and your husband and prince gio. You are making me want another one lol ( my daughter is one month older than gio) lol ☺️☺️☺️

  20. Cari says:

    I’m so happy for you! I cried with you watching your video. I’ve been following since my pregnancy and still with my 4 month old son. You are such a great mother. I look up to you in so many ways. You will be an amazing mother to this new little angel. God bless you and your beautiful growing family.

  21. Laura says:

    This even made me cry!!! Lol. But congratulations!

  22. rielay says:

    Are you going to stop instagraming like you did while you were prego with Gio

  23. Jibek says:

    Congrats! Go bless you and your family! U r wonderfull as mom and as woman.

  24. katrina says:

    Congrats ! I know just how you feel, i have two boys who are 2 years apart. My second pregnancy was a happy surprise but amongst all those good feelings i felt sad….sad because i felt like i wouldnt have that special time with my first anymore. That all sort of went away when baby no.2 was born and I saw them together. Its fills your heart with so much joy to se your 2 babies together. I love both my children equally but theres just something a little more inside when I think of my first born. It may sound mean but im being honest. He was my first! The one who gave me all those wonderdul feelings about being a mom for the first time! No one can replace that

  25. Jenifer Vargas says:

    Omg congratulations on this wonderful blessing having a second child is such an amazing experience. love the emotions yayyyy Gio is going to be a big brother lol

  26. Alisa says:

    Congratulations love…so excited for you and the whole family…I had no idea about my first..when I had my second I know more…but my third I’m a pro lol…it’s will be fine and you are a wonderful mother …congratulations again so excited for you…may you have a easy and wonderful pregnacy

  27. Jessica govea says:

    Congrats you have a beautiful family can’t wait to follow you through this pregnancy hope you keep us updated

  28. Andy says:

    CONGRATS!!! God bless you and r amazing family!!! Xxoo

  29. Iliana says:


  30. Cynthia says:

    SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL.. I felt the same way but as soon as my second arrived I loved her just as much. . Best of luck and I can’t wait to see this journey . Thank you for allowing me to be part of your wonderful life.. ♡♡♡ you inspire me..

  31. oli says:

    Congrats:), I have been following you for a while now on instagram and you are just an amazing mom and have such a handsome little guy!…i also have a lil guy myself and I have avoid getting pregnant again beacuse of how much I Love my son and dnt feel like i could love any other child as much and I saw you kinda feel the same way so Im excited to see how things turn out for you and how your feelings change!…I wish you the best of luck:) nd Congrats again:)…srry I wrote so much!

  32. Monique says:

    Awwwww……*tear* Congratulations :-))

  33. Shayla says:

    Congrats to you and your husband. I have followed you for some time now before you were a mother and I must say you are one great mother and I say this as someone who grew up without a mother. I see the love that you have for your son Gio in your eyes and I know you will have the same plus more for this new blessing from God. Congrats and God Bless

  34. Jazmin says:

    Congratulations!!! What a blessing, you definitely do not sound like a bad mom of 2, we all experience the same feeling after the first.. I felt exactly like you when I found out I was pregnant with my second, he is now 2 months old and my oldest is almost 3years old. It’s a beautiful feeling to love both of your children: it is equal but you share different bonds. You’re gonna do great! Wish you the very best!! Xo jazmin

  35. Yuridia says:

    Oh my goodness not going to lie but I she’d a few tears. Congratulations to you and your family on another blessing.

  36. Congratzzz! Im a ftm my baby is 10m old and maybe because it took us 6 years to get pregnant that I can not see myselft saying that she ain’t my fav kid lol

  37. Janelle says:

    I watched that video and was in tears. I follow you on IG and now we get to be a part of this adventure in your life. God bless mama and praying this pregnancy is easier and a Healthy baby in 9 months or so!!

  38. Best wishes and usually the first isint as easy but you are beyond blessed with Love and am pretty sure this time around its gonna be easy brezzy Congradulations to you and your family

  39. Shayla says:

    First of all I just wanna say congratulations to you and your family. I have been a follower for quite some time and I love all your post, especially the ones about Gio because I see the love you have for him as his mother and coming from someone who grew up without one it’s amazing to feel that type of love. I wish you well with this new gift that God has given you. XOXO

  40. Claudette says:

    I am so happy for you and your growing family and I can’t wait for you to share your journey with us

  41. Angelica says:

    Hi I’m geli.86 on Instagram. I’m a 28 yr old mommy of three, 2 boys and 1 girl. Just wanted to say that I love all my kids the same amount, but I love the each differently.. If that makes since?.. I have a different bond with each of them. But to describe it is impossible. So just know that your new baby will be as loved as your first born but your bond will be different for each one. Idk if that helps but just wanted to let you know. Enjoy your kiddos cause they’re only small once!

  42. Aileen says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have been following you on IG since before Gio and am truly a big fan of yours. I am so happy for you and your family. You are a wonderful mother 🙂

  43. Christina says:

    Omg yay! I’m so excited for you babe. Your gonna be an amazing mother of 2 as you are already amazing. I wish you a healthy pregnancy. I have an almost 14 month old and you gave me baby fever. Part of me wants to wait but when I see pregnant mamas I want another. 🙂 this is all so exciting. I’ve followed you even before Gio and its so very nice of you to be sharing precious moments in your life. Wish you all the best! Can’t wait to see your prefnancy journey

  44. vanessa says:

    wow you are honestly the cutest girl in the world i am freaking out for how adorable you are!!!

  45. Leeza says:

    Aww congratulations!!! So happy for you guys!!! I had my first little boy in January 2013 and my second little guy this past August :-))

  46. majida says:

    Heyy girl congrats!!…
    Im pregnant too … this is my third … second baby is the same age as gio… and now im 8 weeka preg!… i cried too when i found out …. its hard as you said .. to have again the morning sickness with a tiny one that needs your attention… iv ben cranky.. im not sleeping my baby is waking up at night … and i have no energy…. but at the end .. when i look at him… i say .. its not his fault that i feel bad… so i make my effort to ignore my state… and i know its only 3 months and im ok then… try to think that your gonna be a beautifull family and a Big one too!!..
    ill be updating all your upcomings … so dont stop blogging .. i need you. Hehe
    Congrats again!

  47. Viviana says:

    Congratulations! Now don’t go away like you did with Gio lol. I wanna see all the cute pregnancy pictures. Hope this time you don’t have such bad morning sickness!

  48. tamaris says:

    As stupid as this sounds my husband is next to me thinking I’m crazy or I must be going insane as I read this I’m crying like a baby, I’m so happy for this new journey on your life, I wish you so many blessings to you your husband gio your step daughters/son and of course last but definitely not least this little angel that’s on his/her/their way congrats, I have no words to describe how big of an inspiration you are to me thank you for everything you share with us, thank you also for sharing this time the good news and including us on the journey it means a lot

  49. Shanti says:

    What a wonderful story and congratulation for your second pregnancy.. May God will always bless you and your family.. Gio will be best brother for his sibling.. Send my kiss to him

  50. Susana says:

    Congratulations! I have my first, an 8 week old baby girl and I can’t wait to have my next. I too had a pretty rough pregnancy and it was high risk. But my princess is worth it all

  51. Maswabi says:

    congratulations you are blessed fully ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  52. Marissa says:

    Congratulations!! Omg I am soooo happy for you! I’ve watched you grow into this amazing strong women/ mother and I know when your second child comes, YOULL KICK ASS!
    Just be strong and enjoy every moment of it! I wish you a very healthy and easy pregnancy

  53. Meya says:

    Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!! What a blessing!! I got testy just watching it. Wishing for a better pregnancy! God bless

  54. Amber says:

    I felt the same way when I was pregnant with my second…I wondered how I could possibly love her as much as I love my son. I think most women feel that. But as soon as she was born I knew that you’re love doesn’t get divided, it just grows bigger! I’m about to have my third and that doesn’t worry me this time because I know I will love her just as much. Congratulations!!! 🙂

  55. Norca perez says:

    Oooohhh my gooooodddd!!!! Congratulations!!! I was laughing sooo hard with your reaction!!! Lol you are soooo cute!!!

  56. erika c: says:

    honestly as a child that is months apart from my brother , it was fun growing up and always having a friend to play with . my mother says that there was some challenges when we were babys but it all worked out . honestly you shouldn’t worry about anything . no matter what hope that your family is safe and healthy ^-^ ♡ good luck

  57. onebrilliantdr says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Precious!!! You are all such a wonderful family that you’ve been Blessed yet again, 5 represents Eternal Grace! I know God will continue to Bless you and your beautiful family! Continue to show us how it’s done, doll and congrats to Mr. WingTipMeUp and SneakerMeUp (and all the other siblings and family)❤️

  58. Jenny says:

    Congrats! I literally teared up! We waited 8 years BC I felt like I could never love another like I loved my first! Well my son will be 10months tomorrow and I love him just as much!!! I know you planned on breastfeeding for a year, maybe more…have you stopped now that you found out you were pregnant?!

  59. Sara says:

    WOW I am soooo so happy for you. I have been following you since the first instagram from showing up to work at the office in your red bottoms to pictures of Gio. You have an amazing spirit and I wish nothing but the very best for you and your growing family. Hope you have an easy pregnancy and I am sure you will find that you will love your children all the same but you will always have that special bond to Gio as the first son. I have loved watching you and your family grow. Wishing you the best xoxoxo sara

  60. Lola says:

    Beautiful video and written. I actually cry when you were cryig and held your son so tight. Congratulation on your pregnancy and god bless

  61. Tarah says:

    I took a pregnancy test this weekend too because I was feeling different this month but the result was negative and then got my period in the same day lol

  62. Esmeralda Castro says:

    I am so excited for you beautiful. You are an amazing mother and I am so glad that you allow us into your life. I don’t know you but I have so much love for you in my heart. I pray you will have a healthy and amazing baby. I cannot wait for you to share your journey with us.

  63. Jenna says:

    Your reaction is so beautiful! Baby #2 will bring his or her own love. That’s what I’ve been told when contemplating another one. Congratulations!!

  64. karla says:


  65. Cecilia says:

    Hi!! I just want you to say that my mom was in the same place you are now 22 years ago… I was the first born child in my family, There is only one year and six months between us. And let me say, she is my best friend, my sister, my soulmate and I couldn’t imagine a day without her!! Occurs that I’m always feeling she is my moms fav and I, my dad’s … But in the end that’s no true!! The real thing is that we both have different personalities that make us interact with our parents in a different way!! My sister is the most beautiful gift my mom could ever gave to me!! So enjoy de ride beauty!!! Xo, from Colombia. Sorry for my English.

  66. Lexa says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! It will be love multiplied by two, not divided <3

  67. Meagan says:

    First off, CONGRATS! So exciting! But I ABSOLUTELY understand what you mean… when I was pregnant the second time around, my brain just couldn’t even imagine loving something more. I was always worried that I was going to love my first way more or favorite her over the 2nd child. The thought of my time with her being shared scared me. I felt like I was going to be a bad mom for not being able to love the next one just as much! BUT…as they say…once #2 is here, it all changes. Honestly, I cried for a few days even after my second daughter was here about it. But I adjusted, and could never imagine loving them any differently 🙂 (they’re 5 & 6 years old now)

  68. Harley says:

    Ohmg.! I’m so excited f you! Your such a great mom to Gio and to the others! I can’t wait to follow you on this experience (instagram)!

  69. Carolina says:

    Congratulations!!!! Your video made me tear up

  70. Jessica says:

    Congrats! U deserve every bit of happiness that God has given you! 🙂

  71. Leslie says:

    Congratulations! Watching your video brought tears to my eyes. Children are truly a blessing and the fact that The Lord is entrusting us (mothers) with his precious chdren shows how much he loves us and His children. You are a WONDERFUL mother and I follow you on Instagram because it’s nice to see what you love for, your family! Your a dedicated mother and your husband and children are so blessed to have you in there lives. Your a special soul and that’s not hard to see. The main reason why I wanted to comment was I wanted to tell you that no you don’t love one child more than the other 🙂 I have 4 children and just found out I’m having my 5th and I can tell you from experience that you truly love each child just the same. I do agree that my first has a special part of my heart but only because she is my first, and made me the person I am today. I can also say that about my second 🙂 You see, each child will always need your extra love at one time or another and whoever that child is, is the one you’ll be loving more not because you love them more but because they need your love the most at that time. I wish you the best but most of all I wish you and your beautiful family an abundance of blessings.

  72. steffi says:

    Congrats thats great News! !!
    But let me tell u as a mommy of two beautiful little boys (18 month apart) will love both the same!!!

  73. tania says:

    I found out I was pregnant when my son was 7 months and I felt the same way as you do now, it’s a normal feeling to feel as if you are going to love your first born more than your other baby/babies. When I would talked about it to other people I felt like they were judging me but they were my true feelings at that time. I’m due on November 6 n my first born was born on July 6 2013 so they be exactly 15 months apart. Those feelings still linger here n there but I know that no matter what my love for my kids is unconditional. Btw I having another boy which is exactly what I wanted so hopefully you get your baby girl this time… [[keeping my fingers crossed]]

  74. Ineabel says:

    Congrats!!!! May The Lord be with you in this new yet challenging journey you are going to over come. God has chosen you once more to bring a child into this world, & that is something amazing! May this pregnancy be easy & full of health & extra love for you & your family. & fingers crossed you get a girl

  75. hanis says:

    hi egreis!CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SOON TO BE 2ND CHILD!!im pregnant myself and am in my 36th weeks..i am madly excited!!thank you for allowing us world share your joy..i love it that your family is everything to you..

  76. Laur says:

    Congrats!!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!! I can’t wait for you to share this amazing journey with us!!!!❤️

  77. Alma T. says:

    Omg congratulations!!! So so happy for you and the family. Bless you all and the little peanut growing inside if you. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful news. ❤️

  78. Sandra says:

    Congratulations! OMG your son is super cute by the way!
    I just had my 1st baby in May and I got my period really soon about a month after. After a month, I didn’t get my period and I told my husband about it, I didn’t know what to feel or how to feel. I couldn’t imagine being pregnant again. He went to the pharmacy right away to get me a pregnancy test and while I waited for the results I was crying my eyes out! My husband asked what was wrong and I told him that I was soo sad! I told him I didn’t feel ready to be pregnant again! My baby was about to turn 3 months and we have all these plans for each step of his development. And like you, I had really REALLY bad morning sickness. I was soo sad! I told him my baby was soo small and he needed me whole, not sick! This is the most important stage in his life and I didn’t want to miss it or not be there for him 100%! Then i thought, when the other baby comes he won’t even be a year old yet! I’m going to sacrifice my child and precious time with him! And to be honest, the thought of going through birthing a child again made things even worst. I was crying inconsolably. I finally had the courage to go check my test and it said I wasn’t pregnant. I composed myself and had a serious talk with my husband. He told me it was okay, he said “if God sends you a child, it’s because he knows you will be able to handle it.” And he told me there was nothing wrong with giving our son a sibling. He told me that those feelings were not good, whether I was pregnant or not. That all children are God’s gifts and they should be cherished. I reflected for a few days on my reaction, my feelings and had more time to process the thought of being pregnant again. A few weeks later I still hadn’t gotten my period so I took 2 more pregnancy tests at the same time, different brands. They both turned out positive. I was scared, I told my husband I was really scared.
    Now my son is 4 months old, going into his 5th and I am almost 2 months pregnant. My morning sickness came back but I am able to cope with it better because I already know what works, and doesn’t work for me. But I feel like because I have my son and he has all this energy, I don’t have the time to stop and think or feel my morning sickness. Mentally, I’m taking it much better. We will be playing and then I get that feeling, I go throw up, clean myself up, and go right back to playing with him. The only difference is that instead of using his sleeping time to clean or get things done, I nap with him. It works out for the both of us. As for my son, we are really glad things turned out this way because now he will have a sibling really close in age! They will be able to grow up together and play together, it will be great! I see him playing by himself and I think to myself, he needs a friend! A friend that will always be there for him and vice versa. Especially when I think about them going to school, I know they will have each other. And that brings peace and joy to my heart. I await my little one with a lot of love and even though my 1st baby holds a very special place in my heart, I know that I will fall in love with my second once I see him/her!

    Sorry to make this soo long but I just wanted to share my story with you, hopefully it makes you feel better. It’s totally normal to feel the way you do or did. But it’s not so bad! I’m only 2 months into my pregnancy so I don’t know how it’ll be like having 2 babies but I know i’ll be okay. You will be okay. You’re a great mother and your baby will LOVE having someone to play with! Congratulations again! Best wishes to you and your family!!

  79. Sahar says:

    Congrats beautiful you make me crying too I’m so happy for you everything will be great and for sure you’ll love your kids the same way don’t worry now I’m waiting your update experince with this new pregnant and for the morning sikness there is a good medicine to stop that bad feeling ask ur dr about it if you want I will give you it’s name . Thank you for sharing your lovely moment with us you inspire me alot . God bless you and your family much love 🙂

  80. Barbara says:

    I’m so happy for you…you cannot ever image…I absolutely don’t know you but after reading of you and your lovely son and hubby!

  81. Sandra says:

    I love youuuu and all your posts!! I hope you have an amazing pregnancy! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all mommas out here!!! Thank you for sharing soo much about your life it’s honestly made my life a little less stressful knowing I’m not the only one that goes through things!!! Xoxoxo

  82. Nel says:

    Congratulations to you and your family, a baby is always a blessing I am so happy that you’re expecting a little one!! I got all emotional when watching your video, my husband and I have been trying to have babies without success. Maybe is not time yet I just pray that one day I’ll be happy and blessed as you right now, thanks for sharing this with all of us!! And once again congratulations and don’t worry you’ll be a great mother to all your kids Gio is going to be an awesome big brother 🙂

  83. Jossy says:

    OMG I am so so so happy for you. Today was a really bad day for me, I didn’t think anything would cheer me up, but then I watched this video and seriously I could not wipe the smile off my face. I know I don’t know you, so maybe this makes me super weird, but I am so ecstatic right now. Congratulations. Gio is so lucky to have you for his Mummy and this next little prince or princess will be just as lucky. I sincerely hope that this time round things go more smoothly for you, congratulations!! Xx

  84. Josie says:

    oh my goodness I cried!! I can’t believe it and I am so happy for you!! Thank you so much for sharing your special journey with us. My baby will be 1 in a month and I have been thinking when would be the right time to have another. Thanks for being so honest and sharing your feelings! Wishing your family the best 🙂

  85. Banessa says:

    Congrats… babies are truly a blessing…remember life is good:)

  86. Rosanna says:

    Congratulation I love your page, your advise and family. God bless you and your family

  87. This video made me tear up. I can only hope and pray I have the very same experience….I’m extremely happy for you and your family. Congrats on the new addition. You’re am awesome mom and you have a beautiful sprit. You’re going to do just fine! Peace and Blessings!

  88. Doll says:

    Congratulations. Funny today last year I found out I was pregnant with my first child. He’s almost 4 months old now. You will likely have a June bAby. Good luck w everything.

  89. Maria G. says:

    Congratulations!! I just recently had a pregnancy scare but turns out it was a false alarm. I also have a 10 month old baby, and I know exactly how you feel. The thought of having another one so soon made me very excited but very sad at the same time. It broke my heart that my baby girl wasn’t going to be my one and only and feared If it was even possible to love another human being as much as I love her! I look forward to seeing your journey so you can help me out when time comes around for a second one! Best of luck in this new journey!! Gio is going to be a great ( and handsome) big brother! Xoxo

    1. Ana Carolina says:

      OMG!!!! I am soooooo happy for you! Your reaction made me cry! Such a pretty family *.*
      I can’t wait to see all the details about your pregnancy and see your belly growing 🙂

      I folow your ig and see Gio’s new adventures every day. Your family is already a part of my day.

      Best wishes from Brazil 🙂

  90. Tina says:

    I cried with you!!! Congrats you guys! Omg what if it’s another adorable boy? Or a girl!!! I can only imagine how beautiful your daughter would be!

  91. Missy says:

    Congratulations! My two babies are 15 months apart, so I know exactly how you feel!! I had horrible mommy guilt, like I wasn’t doing enough with my son while I was pregnant. Just know you are doing a great job, and that he knows he is loved. And trust me, you will love both!! There is a special place in your heart for your first born, but it’s not that you love them more, it’s just different. You will understand once baby #2 comes. God bless!

  92. Sarah says:

    So, so HAPPY for you! This video was beautiful, thanks for sharing your happy news with us! No doubt you will be blessed with another perfect little babe, congrats beautiful girl, enjoy the journey 🙂

  93. amedeeiiaa says:

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  94. Emmanuella says:

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  95. Sara says:

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  96. mackenzie paro says:

    Congratulations!!!! Im so excited for you and your family♡ I hope everything goes smooth and great this go-round!!

  97. Debbie says:

    Oh sweetie congrats!! And I know how you feel, I got pregnant exactly 12 months after my first. He had just turned 1 and like you I was happy yet completely devastated. I’m going to be completely honest with you. You will not love your second the way you love your first. You will love him equally but in completely different ways and that is normal. They are different beings 🙂 My first will always hold a special place bc he made me a mom for the first time. But my second is oh so special too, he’s my baby boy. They both tug at my heart but in different ways. I can’t describe the love I have for the two bc it is all consuming but different.

    So cry it out if you must, I did. And I had a hard time accepting being pregnant for all the reasons you listed and didn’t enjoy the first few months bc of it and I regret it. So embrace it and enjoy it 🙂

    Gio will thank you when he’s older. My first is completely in love with his baby brother and vice versa.

    Congrats!!! 🙂

  98. Ydelka says:

    Congratulations to both. God bless your beautiful family. I wish is a girl this time but as long as the baby is healthy it does not matter the sex.

  99. Omg!!!! I just started following you and reading your blog..thank your for all the information you post regarding Gio, I have a 5 year old daughter and I’m 27 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, the 1st boy out if all my siblings..which happened to be all I just wanted to say congratulation on your new addition to your family!!! was so heart warming to see you read that test…it brought tears to my eyes

  100. Thona says:

    First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! what an exciting moment this was for your family and so amazing you wanted to share it with the world. I understand your worries and concerns- my first pregnancy was riddled with terrible sickness that last until 17 weeks. Add to that I lost both my parents just 5 months apart during my pregnancy. When my oldest daughter was born a month early and on my late mother’s birthday I knew she was my angel truly heaven sent. She is so special to me. When I got pregnant a second time I worried how could I love another the same when my first child was my light that saved me from such a dark time in my life….but I absolutely ADORE & LOVE both my girls- in different ways and the same ways. My second pregnancy was a lot smoother (still had morning sickness but not as severe or as long). Food tasted so much better the second time around I gained 20 lbs more than the first pregnancy (oops!)

  101. Congrats momma! now the real fun beginsssssss!!! i got pregnant when my daughter Cora was 4months old!!!! total surprise!!!! i was like no way is this real?!!?!?!? i relate to you on the fact of worrying about giving my daughter enough attention and making sure she knows i love her tons and that will never change…i get sad sometimes at the time i will need to be with the new baby but i will make sure Cora is with me every step of the way. Its gonna be alot of work but they will be so close in age and thats what i always wanted for my kids. im actually dealing with a bit of anxiety the 2nd time around bc now i know whats coming…the PAIN OF LABOR. i had a very FAST but very very painful one. As im sure you know… fing HURTS like hell. It was not long ago enough for me to forget that….so i almost wish it was like the first baby..(having no idea what was coming) but like you said now we know what to be ready for….again congrats and always here for you if you need someone to bounce ideas or questions off of. Hugs xo

  102. Aleks says:

    Congrats❤️ you are an exceptional woman! U keep motivating me to go further and further! May you have a healthy pregency and May God protect your family xoxo

  103. Precious E says:

    I can honestly say I don’t follow any blogs, but I started following your insta account (i love shoes lol), and found myself curious about your life and wishing the best for you 🙂
    This is my first visit to your blog, and I must commend the appearance and content. Great work!!

    Thanks for giving us glimpses into your world, and despite negativity that may cause from others, I for one wish you all the best that life has to offer.
    God bless you and yours

    xxx – Precious

  104. Tamara Lynch says:

    Congrats!! Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest! All the way from the Netherlands! X

  105. susan says:

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  112. Joanne A. says:

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  113. Stephanie says:

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  114. Victoria says:

    Congrats to a great mom.. I love Gio’s excitement and concern look from seeing you cry.. He wanted to know why that stick made you cry.. Nothing to worry about, you are a great mommy. You have a great support system.. All is well and will be well… Enjoy every moment like you have been without worry.. Enjoy it… Let the joy fill you completely.. ❤️

  115. Madliar says:

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    Why did u block me on Instagram

  120. Lodge says:

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  121. Natalie says:

    I feel the same way about my baby like … Can I ever love anyone else more than I love him?! And if I do?! Then I feel horrible with the thought that I could ever love anyone the way I do him or more… Even thinking about it right now just kills me… But because I do want to enjoy him I am preventing myself from having a baby this soon (6months) and probably lettin my LO be around 4-6 yrs old before I start thinking of he next one… You made me cry btw!!! And congratulations! I really hope that your pregnancy goes better this time around so you can give yourself and Gio all you can give

  122. Katherine says:

    Question… So when did you get your period the first time before Gio was born ??? Because I’m breastfeeding since my 4 month baby was born and I still don’t have my period. Doctors said its normal…. Because I’m breastfeeding, and I want to Know your experienced?

  123. Alma says:

    Congratulations! I just had my son a month ago so I don’t even want to think about pregnancy but I feel the same way about having another child. I’m my mom’s oldest, and I know that she feels a special bond towards me because of it. I’m definitely not saying she loves me more, I think she has a different kind of bond with each of her kids. A mom has enough love to go around!

  124. Vildana says:

    Reading this definitely had me in tears. Especially how you feel about Gio. My sons are 17 months apart. Older is now 3 and my little one 18 months. I feel they’re both special in their own way. But yes don’t kill me guys but my older one will always have a special place in my heart ❤

  125. Eva says:

    I may be too late to congratulate you but hey! Congratulations! You’ve been an inspiration to me but I hope I don’t get pregnant though, my baby’s just 3 months old. 🙂 I know how you felt of having new baby.. coz that’s what I was thinking too.. May you have an amazing journey! God bless your family! xx

  126. Kashmear says:

    I am so happy for you, I seriously cried tears if joy with u when I watched the video. I pray you have a very easy and healthy pregnancy along with a beautiful healthy baby. You’ll always be Gio’s mother and hell always know how much you love him. Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing with him. Congrats to you and your husband for your tiny blessing on the way!

  127. Kristina says:


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