It All Started With A Vision

Lifestyle | May 21, 2014

For those of you who are new to my blog, I used to run it last year. I took a break when I got pregnant so I could focus on my pregnancy and my family. Today I went through some of the old posts, and found this one (read below). I teared up towards the end because a lot of the things I put on the board have become true for me, just a year later.

I will make another post to update you on what I wrote below.


It All Started With A Vision By Egreis

I’ve always been a big dreamer. And I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s common for others, but I have often found myself fantasizing about being this or that, making this or that, being able to buy this and buy that. There’s this one time in particular I remember…

_65445029_p06-0015I was in High School and I was fresh off the boat. Or should I say “fresh off the truck” since I came to this country in a truck from Canada. (I’m legal now though, with a passport too! & No I didn’t marry one for it either. :))  I remember being so frustrated because I didn’t speak English well, if any, but I was really good at math. In Albania, we take every subject each year so by the time we graduate we’ve had 4 years of Math, 4 of Science, Chemistry etc. Not just 1 year like over here. Needless to say, math was my thing! I knew all the answers within seconds, but I didn’t know how the heck to say √ or ∞ so I raised my hand once and I’m guessing I must have butchered it cuz everybody was dying laughing. See, most girls would be so embarrassed from it. But I truly didn’t care. It didn’t bother me, cuz at the end of the day I had the last laugh when my grades would come in and I didn’t have to take the final exams because of it.

But back to my dream….so that day I was dreaming of our High School reunion, and how I’d show up in a damn helicopter if I had to, wearing the best outfit there is, with the dopest shoes they had ever seen,  and basically stunting on others. I felt so cool like I had already accomplished it. I always found myself dreaming of a bigger and better me whenever the circumstances would make me feel “small”. Instead of internalizing those mean incidents, I went to my dream land and made myself feel amazing right away.

002In my life I’ve been through many ups and downs. Not once have I been envious of others that had it better than I did. To me it’s actually so bizarre that some people (men & women) can look at others with such envy and hate because they have accomplished things they haven’t. Of course some people have gotten lucky and have what they have in life. Unfair? Who cares! You have to focus on YOU. I could honestly care less how and what and why someone is living the way they are or affording what they have. I care about ME and what Egreis needs to do to reach higher heights. Those who are better off than me, I applaud you; whichever way you’ve gotten where you are. It’s not MY job to judge nor care. I applaud you for making it better than I have. I use that as motivation and a reminder to myself that “Hey! There’s others out there who are truly succeeding. Get on it”. And for the others, your time will come. You just have to focus on YOU, and what YOU need to get wherever it is that you want. Time spent on you is the best you can do for yourself. Positive Energy.

I’ll never be satisfied with myself. I’m happy, fully content don’t get me wrong. Then why? Because the sky is the limit. I want to do better and better every single year. Now to get back to the point of this article….It truly all starts with just a vision.

01I started college with 3k that my dad gave me to furnish my dorm room, get the books I needed and clothes that’d last me for the end of the year. My dumb butt spent 1k at forever 21; 500 at target, and the rest on school supplies. Barely left myself any money for the rest of the year. But my room and board was paid for, along with the cafeteria pass for 3 meals a day, soooo I wasn’t worried. But overall, my college days were mainly stressful, always worrying about how I’m going to get this and that.

Not one day was I negative about it; not one day did I lose hope or doubted that I would make it one day. I just knew. I could smell it, I could feel it. How I was going to do it I had no clue at the time, but I just knew I was born to make it. I used to point to my parking spot and tell my friend “Swear to God there will be a white beamer there one day” and a year and a half later it was exactly that.

001I was applying “The Secret” before I ever knew that it existed. I’ve been a firm believer of Law of Attraction without knowing there was one. I believe in energy. I believe in writing my own destiny. I believe in God and all the tools he has given me to make whatever it is that I want with myself. We all have it in us to be successful. Some of us may be smarter than others, some more artistically driven, some musically talented, some of us can be math geniuses, whatever it is that you have, FIND it and find a way to make a living from it. But you have got to love it! Don’t choose a path because of its financial reward, but because you enjoy it, because down the road that pleasure will turn into profit. Guarantee you!

So I came across the movie “The Secret” 2 years ago. It was almost unbelievable to watch because it truly is what I’ve always believed, but so cool to watch it being broken down into specifics and details and even other peoples’ stories. That’s amazing. If you haven’t watched it, you have got to spend 2 hours of your life on it. I actually watch it every few months now just to remind myself even more from time to time. This is real and it is happening. I’m not one to believe some crap out there about the world ending next year or what not, but I believe in what I’ve experienced first hand. That’s “The Secret”.

So I made a vision board. Stiletts often ask “What is it?”. Well it’s basically a board you put pictures on, or words, or phrases, or whatever it is that inspires you or that you wish to accomplish. I wish I took a picture of my last vision board and unfortunately I had a flood in my apartment a while back and had to move abruptly so I lost majority of stuff I had. But I made another one this year in hopes to keep myself focused. I also had my boyfriend’s daughters do it too 🙂 It’s great bonding moment as well!

On my vision board I basically put everything I want for myself in the future. It doesn’t have a time frame on it. It’s for my future overall. I also put what’s important to me and what I currently have that I cherish and love, along with all the other things I want to accomplish. Here’s a picture of my vision board:


Last month I shared it on my IG page and encouraged my Stiletts to also post theirs. I saw some wonderful ones! I love it.

So Stilesson of the day….watch The Secret. And make a vision board. I swear it will help you clear your mind and help you really figure out what you want in life. If it takes you days or weeks to finish it, that’s ok. Take your time, but really put some effort into it. The coolest part of it all is that one day you’ll look at it and realize you’ve accomplished it all.

Egreis Gjergjani

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  1. EJae says:

    This is an inspiring story. I haven’t made a board in a few years. You have just given me the idea to create one. Thanks! Many blessings to you and your fam!

  2. Kathia (@katt2two) says:

    I need to make a vision board. I have lost so much focus. Derailment. ♥

  3. Renata says:

    Great Idea ;)Best wishes for you,your little prince Gio and for your family ;)And if you like it so follow me on 😉

  4. Amani says:

    This is very inspiring, looking at your vision board we want and have accomplished some of the same things so far in life! Keep inspiring, God will use you for many greater things.

    God bless

  5. Eni sado says:

    I am thinking about doin it and i remember this post,thank you for opening te blog cuz i really enjoy it,i even asked you at the meeting you did in Albania!!! And i was waiting for this when you said i will open it soon :)) just want to ask a question without beeing rude and i this is too personal i understand!!! How did you grt your passport so soon?? Cuz i know it is very difficult when you came in as ilegal ?
    Te puth zemra

    1. Eni sado says:

      Uaa ca fjal qenkan pergjys e ka fajin touch

    2. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Well I didn’t get it so soon. I got it 6 years after I had been here. I got my social security number first. Then had to wait 5 years for a passport. So I think it’s been 4 years since I got a passport.

      1. Eni S says:

        Thnx for repyling ylli :)))

  6. Michelle says:

    This is very inspiring. I will need to try to apply this to my own life. I’m curious what did you used to do before you became a stay at home mom?

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Thank you. I worked in Affiliate Marketing. I handled affiliates who generated online leads for particular verticals, and I also managed the business relationships of the buyers who purchased these leads in real time. Unless you’re familiar with it, it’s a bit complicated. But FUN.

  7. Amalia Molina says:

    I remember reading this when you first put it up and I’m soooooo happy that you’ve accomplished everything on your dream board. You truly deserve it for being such a dedicated passionate women. Can I ask what you went to school for?


  8. Katia says:

    Dear Eggi,

    You are such an inspirational person! Ever thought of holding inspirational speeches for individuals or companies? :))

    I wish all the best to you, your family and the cute little G!

    God bless you!

    Kisses from Vienna

    P.S pay us a visit while you are in Europe, once your time allows !

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Awwww Thank you Katia!

  9. Ken says:

    Wow! This is truly inspiring and exactly the motivation I needed. Thank you for sharing your story.

  10. Mary says:

    GOD BLESS YOU ! you are amazing, This is truly inspiring !!!! thank you

  11. Shreya says:

    Just had a really bad emotional day and decided to refs your blog I read your engagement post and that’s what I was today a raving B**** god lead me to your blog literally I’m the opposite of how I felt 15 minutes ago thank you and best wishes to you and your beautiful family

  12. Karolina says:

    You are sooo inspiring!I love your blog and your instagram account!You are a great person!After reading your post yesterday i watched “Secret” and soon i will make my vision board 🙂 You have great personality and you are very positive person 🙂 Kisses

  13. Alexa says:

    Love your story. I have been a big believer of the law of attraction and I, just like you have been attracting things way before I knew what law of attraction was. But now that I know how it works it has been hard attracting my desires. It would be nice if you can share some of what made it work for you to keep yourself in that vibration and attract. Hope to hear more. Tx

  14. Nickie says:

    I just read this article and man we are so similar maybe it’s the Capricorn thing lol but any ways I’m a firm believer in speaking things in existence my sisters all ways say I’m all ways talking about stuff I want that I’m never going to get and I all ways say it might not be today but one day I will I literally started to tear up reading this because I thought about my future and goals that I’m going to accomplish and man it brings happiness just thinking about it I love this post

  15. Courtney says:

    Hey I was just reading all of your blog posts & was wondering who the movie you spoke of was by , Im on netflix right now wanting to watch it and theres like 8 different movies with the same title ‘ The Secret ‘

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      It should be a documentary love.

  16. Estefania says:

    you are such an inspiration for me! i wish all my dreams in my vision board come true! thank you so much for everything! your family is beautiful. i apologise for my bad english, i am from argentina and i dont speak english, i hope that one day i’ll meet you and i would have the chance to thank you in person for inspire me to believe.


  17. Oselita says:

    I find y story wonderful my dear … I am the same an Albanien living in Europea and I do truly believe in the Secret and Law of Attraction ,,,throug It i have managed to acheive so many wonders in my life ,,,until now I have not made any Vision Board becouse of being lazy i think ,,,but i will go for it .Wish You all the best in your life and your wonderful big family .

  18. Sanara says:

    You’re so inspiring. I made one last year, but do to other issues. Lost my focus. Oh but this year!! I’ve written my letter to myself , made my goal list and next comes breathing life into my vision board that is waiting on my fulfillment. Thank you and happy birthday!! BTW I’m @narie80 on IG

  19. Angelina says:

    I love reading your blog. I feel like I can relate to you so much. I love that you’re so positive! I enjoy reading and learning about you, it helps motivate me ti be a better person <3 You're FAB doll.

  20. Megi begaj says:

    Hello there just wanted to say you’re story is very motivating and Inspirstional. I’m Albanian as well and love that you’re an Albanian fashion blogger it’s always been my goal to have a fashion blog and love that there’s actually Albanian fashion bloggers out there! I can’t wait to start my own blog you’ve really inspired me. I just like you am a talker haha but anyways I look forwards to reading your future posts. Best of luck (:

  21. Jessica Kaytukova says:

    “The Secret” is amazing, and the law of attraction is so real! I remember my dad introducing it to all of our family when they first came out with the movie. I’ve since read the book, and try to apply it often. Thanks for the reminder on the things I need to continue doing to achieve all of my dreams and goals.