My Experience With Plastic Surgery

Beauty | Aug 05, 2014

I had meant to write this for a while now. I knew it would be a long post so I was waiting on the right time to finally sit down and write it. I had to go through all my pictures to find some that would show you what I looked like before in order to see the difference now.

So what work have I had done? 

Two: Breast Augmentation (boob job) & Rhinoplasty (nose job)

egreis gjergjaniI never had boobs. I was always the girl with the flat chest for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until late High School that they went from tiny plumbs to somewhat of a real boob. Throughout college I was a constant full A or with the right bra, B. There were times I wish they were bigger because I could just tell they would look better with certain clothes or bikinis, but most of the time I actually liked them. They were petite but perky. I mean, how could they not be perky? There was nothing to hang lol. But i did like them. The only thing was that I have always had a big butt (used to be much bigger than what it is now back when I was thicker), so people often thought I had my butt done. My flat chest accentuated my bottom part more and it made it look so much bigger than what it actually was. Hence why people always questioned it.

Regardless, I had contemplated getting them done for a while. I was hesitant because I was afraid I would ruin them, and I happened to love the shape and how they looked. So I was always debating with myself. I would see a girl with a really nice C and it would make me consider it, but then come across one with a bad boob job and all of a sudden I would just drop the thought of ever getting them done. This went on for a good amount of years.

Egreis GjergjaniFinally, in 2012 I decided I was going to search for the perfect doctor and see where it all went. I planned on doing a few different consultations and if I still wanted to do a breast augmentation after, I figured it was the right thing to do. So I met with a few, but the one I felt was best for me was Dr. John Diaz in Beverly Hills. I actually met with him a few times before scheduling a date to go through with the procedure. He made me feel comfortable. We looked at different sizes, different types, tried a few of them on under a regular tank top, etc.

I wanted a full C cup. That was my aim. I also wanted them to look natural. So we decided with silicone implants and size 371cc. Here is my advice if you are looking into this for yourself: when you try the silicone implant underneath a tank top, keep in mind that it will look SMALLER once it is in your body. When I tried 371cc I felt it looked PERFECT. But after my procedure, and 6 months later which is when they really started settling in, I wished I had gone bigger. 95% of women who get breast augmentation wish they had gone a bigger size. BUT, now that I am 8 months postpartum and have been breastfeeding for 8 months straight, my advice is to WAIT before you get a boob job. Wait until you’ve had kids. Your outlook on what you want them to look like and what size will change.

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Now I wish I never got implants. They made me feel great for a while prior to having my son. Were they a confidence boost? Absolutely. But really, I never lacked much of it before I had them either. They did make me feel more feminine and womanly. But it is all in your head. Because now that I have them, I want them out. Mine have gotten so much bigger now due to breastfeeding. It is getting annoying to have to buy size L on tops and have them still not fit at the breast area. Or if they do fit there, the top is way too loose all around my belly.

A month after my breast augmentation

When it comes to dresses, I feel entirely TOO HOOCHIE if I wear a tight dress that is tight on the boob section as well. 8 years ago? Oh hell yes. I would have worn it without a doubt. Heck, I would buy dresses specifically for that reason. But now, I’m 27 and am grown. I can’t be walking around with boobs falling everywhere. So when I am done breastfeeding, and after we have more kids and am done breastfeeding them as well, I will consider getting rid of my implants and I am hoping I won’t need a breast lift then. But we shall see.

The other procedure I’ve had is Rhinoplasty. This one I needed so I am extremely happy I made that decision.

Egreis GjergjaniI also debated for a long time on this one as well. I was afraid that they would butcher it and I would no longer look like me. I was afraid it would look fake. I was afraid of change to be honest. But after having a great experience with Dr. John Diaz, I trusted him enough to go through with it. The only thing we agreed on is to not have a drastic change but rather very minimal.

What I hated about my nose was that you could only see this bridge thing if I posed on my left, rather than my right. People thought I was crazy whenever I mentioned this, but kid you not, if I took a picture on my right it would look pretty good (see picture left), but If I took it smiling from my left side, you could see how horrible it looked. So I needed to fix that.

I was tired of taking pictures only from one angle. But the sad part is that I had done it for so long, that even now that I have fixed it and my nose is exactly the same on both sides, I still manage to take pictures only on my right. I guess you can’t break certain habits!

Egreis GjergjaniI have to admit that getting a nose job is a lot harder than a boob job. After breast augmentation I remember I was SMILING after surgery and I’m pretty sure I got up and went shopping that day. After nose job however, not so much. I felt like a dead woman walking. My husband drove us home and to this day I have no recollection of what really happened that day after my procedure. I was zoned out and went home and slept for hours. I remember being in a lot of pain. I got my nose job literally one week before our company Christmas party so I was nervous because I was afraid the bruising wouldn’t go away in time. But it did 🙂

I find it funny that people often tell me they love my nose now and it looks perfect. But what’s funnier is that when I went back home, no one, not even my family could really tell I had gotten it done. They knew something looked a bit different, but they couldn’t pinpoint it. And that made me happy. I can look at myself in the mirror and still see the same Egi. It’s still me. I am extremely happy Dr. Diaz worked on it enough to get rid of the bump, but still preserved my overall look.

(both pictures posted above are before rhinoplasty. See how different my nose looked from the right vs. left? I wasn’t crazy!)

So what is my view on plastic surgery?

I believe in using plastic surgery to fix areas that one is not comfortable with, and cannot otherwise fix with anything else. I do not necessarily agree with people that get plastic surgery to fix literally everything such as getting biceps, triceps, getting implants to give themselves the appearance as if they are muscular, when all they have to do is get their butt to the gym and work out until they have such muscles they desire. That’s taking it a bit far. But on the other hand, what someone does with their body and the decisions they make are not for me to judge nor care. I simply do not have a desire to sit here and tell you what’s right or wrong, what you should and shouldn’t do. That’s up to you. You do what you think is best for you.

I have friends that get botox, lip injections, cheek implants, boob lifts, fat transfer to their butt, butt implants, butt shots, liposuction, eyebrow lift, you name it. I know at least someone who does each…would I do any of that? I would consider botox maybe in my 40’s or 50’s depending on how I age. But right now, no. I’m not interested in any of that. Doesn’t mean I don’t think they should do it. Just means I don’t think I need them for me. We are all different; shaped differently, and we have our own unique view of beauty and what it means. I support anything someone wants to do to make themselves feel happier. As long as it doesn’t affect my happiness, I do not care. Let them live.

So this is my plastic surgery experience. If I get anything done in the future, I’ll be happy to share. As you can tell I don’t mind talking about it, and I’m not one of those girls that wants to hide it or act as if I was born this way. Lol…hell no. But I also loved the old me too. Both beautiful in their own way 🙂

Here I am, one boob job, one nose job, and one baby later 🙂

Egreis Gjergjani

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  1. Luisa says:

    Hi I follow you on Instagram I am truly inspired by your story’s. I also struggle with my body there is so much I do not like but reading your story touched me and made me realize so much. Also your son is sooooo cute. I’m a young mother to a little girl names ariana. Ready your story’s and seeing what helps you with Gio guides me with my daughter. I don’t have much people I can go to for advice but I truly do appreciate your posts they help me out a lot. Your an amazing person and great role model.

  2. Jessica M says:

    I’m so glad you’re real and can do things like this. So many women try to hide it and pretend like everything’s all natural. I love you and your beautiful family. Gio is truly a gift from God. Aside from feeling hoochie-ish about your implants, have you ever had any complications with them like back pain, capsular contracture, unhappy with the way they turned out etc?

    I truly love you. XO

  3. Katrina Garcia says:

    Thank you for this post!!!! I am almost 29. Ive always had small breasts. I was skinny skinny before I had my son. Now he is 6 and ive finally got into the right fitness routine for me and maintaining a thick fit body but my boobs…. they are still small. Im so ready for implants but afraid of going to big. Im def gonna take my time when looking for a doc and choosing the right size. I dont want to go to big and have my boobs busting out everywhere but I do want to feel a little more womanly!!

  4. Ashley Marie says:

    I really admire you. You’re so down to earth and I’ve always wanted a boob job and you made me open my eyes to both sides. I recently had a son and my breasts have grown a lot now but your right. Maybe after all the babies have been had that I’ll look into it. I really wish we could be friends but you live in Kansas (I think I remember seeing a post about it) and I live in Cali 🙁

    Maybe the next time you come out here we can see each other! That would be AMAZING! I sound super lame but I think it’d be cool. Here’s my number


    My name is Ashley. I’m 25 with a 4 month old son in Cali. I’m an accountant. And a shoe obsesser like you hahaha! I promise I’m not a weirdo!

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Thank you Ashley!!!!

  5. Tina says:

    I thought I was done having kids when I had my breast augmentation 11 years ago. Now that I have a 10 month old, I’m so glad I had it done. I hated my flat B cups after nursing two babies. After nursing my third, I still don’t regret having them done.

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Sweet!! Maybe I’ll change my mind too after my neXT one haha

  6. heather mason says:

    waittttt you’re 27???? wow you look 37…..too much make up hon.

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Thank you.

      1. Courtney says:

        I LOVE your response to this and you absolutely do NOT look 37. You’re a gorgeously stunning woman and to criticize each other as women is disgusting. You have such a natural beauty, I admire it and pray I look as good as you post baby. Cheers to you!

        1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

          I agree. There’s nothing she or anyone can tell me to make me feel bad. I am okay with who I am and what I look like. And that’s enough for me.

      2. sexijai says:

        Hello my beautiful shoe goddess. To react to heather’s comment above, I was sincerely surprised that you’re 27. .. I would have guessed 32. But that’s not because of your makeup , it’s more of your maturity, composure, and achievements?

        1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

          Thank you! I do get that often and it is indeed a compliment so thank you!

    2. Bella says:

      Seriously? Wow you are such a b****! You have nothing better to do but try to insult!

    3. missxamelia says:

      I find It funny someone would take the time to talk so poorly about such a lovely and graceful woman. She carries herself with poise and elegance. If you find That her tasteful makeup makes her look “Old”, you should probably start getting to know people who are dignified like Egreis… You might learn a thing or two ✌

  7. Paloma says:

    If it’s not too much or too personal to ask how much was your boob job I’m looking to get one myself

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      I think I paid 5k love

  8. Nancy L says:

    Hi Egreis,
    I discovered your IG & blog about 3 weeks ago. I love seeing the bond you have with your baby, it’s beautiful :). I really njoyed reading your blog re: plastic surgery. I decided to have breast augmentation at the age of 27. I was a 36 A and never felt confident about my flat chest. Once I got my implants, I felt great, very feminine and very confident! (I was a 36D). I didn’t flaunt my cheat or wear skimpily clothes but I felt great! Unfortunately, one of my implants ruptured last year and I had it immediately replaced. And 2 wks ago I had to pay my dr another visit. Turns out the same implant from last year has once again ruptured! I am 38 yrs old. I’ve thought about it long and hard and I have decided to remove my breast implants. I will have my surgery in September. I’m sad to go back to a flat chest again but after 2 ruptures I’m afraid of the same problem occurring 🙁

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Hi love,

      Thats unfortunate. Have you considered trying different brand? Or a smaller size perhaps? If not, miracle bras from VS work magic. They were my fav when I had no boobs haha

    2. Shosho says:

      How did you find out about your rupture? I have silicon implants and I need to know. Thanks

  9. Tory says:

    This is such a heartfelt yet though-provoking story. Your outlook and topics are inspirational. I love how you can voice your opinion on different subjects, but also can appreciate other peoples point of views on the same matter.

  10. Celia says:

    Wow I absolutely love your blog you are such a great woman I wish you much success !

  11. melissa says:

    Hey Hun. I couldn’t agree with you more and have warned many of my friends whom have not had children to hold off until after children. I had my son at a young age and beast fed him till he was 8 months old. Being 21 with a negative shaggy A was no ideal for a single mom just trying to go out and have fun. I did a lot of research and didn’t want to have anymore kids. Its been 11 years since my surgery and I am still very satisfied with my reaults. (Granted its time for a new pair because I have Saline implants and its recommended) My oldest sister waited until she had her 2 daughters as well and she loves hers as well. As far as your current scenario, they will go down ass soon as your milk dries away. I have had plenty of friends who had a beast aug prior to having kids, breastfeeding fed and ended looking fine. You’re doing great. Your boobs will be back to normal soon. Good luck.

  12. Quantia says:

    I love everything about you. I start following you way before you had your baby, I’m over whale to be writing you in knowing you reading this. Your shoe game is sick that’s why I really started following you but as you uploaded I learned it’s more to life, you make me a believer that you can be so happy without uploading your personal life. When you came back on Instagram you was marriage and you was pregnant, I watch you become a perfect mother all on Instagram. I’m your biggest fan in I love your spirit and your happy family.

  13. Tracy says:

    I have definitely thought about plastic surgery. I would love to get my boobs done and get liposuction but it’s mainly just thought. Haven’t researched any doctors in my area because I don’t like change either and I am scared that I will get butchered and not look like myself. I’m glad yours turned out amazingly though. You LOOK GREAT.

  14. Jess says:


    Thanks for sharing your plastic surgery story!! 🙂 What are your thoughts on getting both at the same time? I’ve been considering both procedures for awhile now. My kids are now 8 & 6 and I still don’t have any boobs!! I was an A before them and now I’m a B. I’d really like to be a full C. I also have that infamous bump on my nose that I want shaved down. During my consult, I was told it is a few thousand cheaper to do it all in the same day. Was your nose broken or just shaved down?

  15. Glamprincess says:

    Love all of your experiences of life! You never preach or teach you just simple share your story, experiences and opinions! Hi Gio *waving*

  16. Erin says:

    You looked amazing then and now but of course we always see things in ourselves others don’t I’m DD and I want a lift I have a 10month old that I did breast feed not anymore he bites but I don’t think my boobs grew at all during pregnancy or lactation

  17. Paula says:

    Hola estoy pasando por la misma situación, tengo 27 años y mi bebe tiene 8 meses y estoy esperando otro bebe de 4 meses de gestación, en el 2012 me opere mis bubis me aumenté una talla más pero ahora q tuve a mi hijo y q estoy esperando el otro mis tetas han crecido casi dos tallas

  18. LorenzaPo says:

    Egreis! I dont know how other people cal you, but i like your name, first let me tell you that I love following Prince Gio & you Shoe Queen,hahaha, I noticed about your instagram accounts like 5 months ago when Gio was so so tiny, and let me tell you that i loved you when I began looking at your photos,love your life style, you are like a model that I want to follow, I am just 17 years old but I always dreamed to be a as you are and then you arelike my dream alive hahaha. Congratulations, because it seems like you are a great mother, wife, stepmother, cooker, fashionista….omg! In 10 years when I turn 27 I hope I could be like you.
    Congrats and never change! I

    Pd. Pleaaseee post about your tattoos , I love them.

  19. safa says:

    I totally love u !!! I follow u on instagram as well, u r a gorgeous woman and a total inspiration I literally wait for ur posts each and every day and baby gio is adorable <3

  20. Ayleen says:

    Hi I am really interested in getting a boob job and knowing you had one always made me want to do it even more because they did such a great job with you. I am just really curious and wanted to ask how you got rid of your scar? I was looking through your instagram photos (as I fell in love with your son) and I was just wondering because you really cannot see any marks at all! I will be waiting for your response 🙂

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Hi Ayleen,
      the scar is underneath my boob. Because the boob falls over it, you can never really see it.

  21. D.K. says:

    Hi Egreis,
    Usually im not a person who gives a lot of comments on blogs, but I follow you a while now in Instagram and I love your style and shoes. But now to the point of your blog.. Im having a son of 19 months now and no silicones or what so ever. But I did get a lot of waight with my pregnancy, 24 KG (53lbs) and with my body thats a lot!! I always had big boobs compare to my body, and Getting so much waight on with my pregnacy just made them more bigger. But after, even when I lost all the waight in 5 month after giving birth, my boobs were still very big for a long time. Now my boy is 19 months old and my boobs are back to ‘normal’, but the volume is gone(ofcourse Because of the waight difference) And I didnt even breastfeed. What Im trying to say is; wait a while, perhaps your boobs Will get smaller in time. Anyway, you look stunning!!!!

  22. AMY POND says:

    I love your reading your blogs, you seem so down to earth 🙂
    When I first started following you on Instagram I did wonder whether you had had your boobs done but I wasn’t sure. I think the Dr you chose was definitely the right one as they seem to be the most natural looking fake breast ever. Usually you can tell straight away.
    I’m a DD and already at 23 I wish I could have a breast lift, god help me once I have kids and start breast feeding. Lol
    Anyway All the best, look forward to the next blog! 🙂 xx

  23. Eni says:

    Ahhahah Egi kur lexova per hunden u kujtova qe tek takimi ne Tirane kur po benim foro vazhdoje thoje i bejm nga kjo ana ktej LOL dukeshe njesoj nga te dyja anet!!!! Te puth

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      hahaha te fiksuar ne koke ca te them une e shkreta

  24. Borana says:

    Sa vij e “dashurohem” me ty. Ke nje çiltersi e nje thjeshtesi qe pak kush e ka. Per te mos harruar edhe miresine dhe zemren e paster qe percjell. Kjo duket edhe tek Gio, qe fale teje po rritet i shendetshem si fizikisht si shpirterisht.
    Sinqerisht te pergezoj pa mase per ate qe je. Nuk para shkruaj ne blogje, pasi ne te shumten e rasteve me duken njerez te ndertuar e aspak te perulet. Ndersa ti je komplet e kunderta. Ke nje natyrshmeri ne te thenit gjerat, qe te le pa fjale. Me pelqeu tejmase posti, pasi ndryshe nga vajza te tjera qe nuk u ka mbetur asgje origjinale ne trup e vazhdojne te thone jane natyrale, ti e pranon dhe keshillon te tjerat.
    Meriton gjithçka qe ke ne jete, sepse per çfare qe percjell tek ata qe te ndjekin, ose te pakten tek mua, duket qe je njeri i mire. E njerezit e mire meritojne te miren.
    Vazhdo gjithmone keshtu. Te perqafoj ty dhe krijesën tende te mrekullueshme.

    P.s. Une jam moshatare e jotja e ne nje fare menyre te kam zili. Jo negativisht eee.

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Borana zemer,
      Te puth dhe te falenderoj per cdo fjale qe me ke shkruar. Me bere per te buzeqeshur ne pike te sabaut si themi ne! Te faleminderit shume shume shume.


  25. Anonymous says:

    You are an amazing woman. I wish I had better words to describe you. You make me appreciate myself even more, I see myself in a different light everyday. I have natural big boobs 36DD and I have never ever loved boobs in my life. I am not thinking of any surgery but rather I have come to make peace with what I have. ❤️ Love you.

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Thank you love! Truly appreciate it!

  26. Talah says:

    U know wat they say.. “Id rather have a life of “oh wells” than a life of “what if’s”

    I think that both look so natural, and work perfectly eith ur body. Oh those hating on u are just jealous of ur power 🙂 best of luck

  27. Luísa J. says:

    Thanks for sharing this! This is something we (at least myself) keep searching around all the time. One of my biggest goals (after kids, a family home, traveling around, etc) is to have my nose done, as unfortunately I ended up being a mix of the bad characteristics of my parents lol, and obviously I’ve been suffering since first years in school. So I decided that once I can (monetarily) I will have my nose done, and I will start living my life. I kind of found out that I really really want it by reading bad reviews about the post op, so 100% sure. I can understand you and thank god you could make it and started living and enjoying your life, for what I can see so far you deserve it. Regarding the boob job, hopefully you won’t regret later on. Once again, thank you so sharing! All the best for you and your family! Xx from London, Uk.

  28. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing! Quick question– how was the recovery for the boob job? I guess it’s also important to ask if you have a high pain tolerance haha. Looking great as always!! Thank you!

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Hi Sarah,
      For me it was easy. It really didn’t hurt much and within 2 days I went back to work.

  29. Inga says:

    Hi Egi 🙂 Love your posts on all social venues. Wanted to say thank you to be honest with us – just strangers, who have their own and different opinions. You know, i think your story about breast augmentation is very useful: cause you explained all sides of this possible situation: when you were glad that you did it and the other side – you re thinking about gettin your breast to natural size again. (sorry for my english, im russian..) But with rhinoplasty situation you showed only the way youre happy you did it. I mean it’s only your decision to show it from the way you want to, but need to say that you are inspiritation for girls who’s following you(for me too in you amazing looks^^) and social person also – so maybe youd better explain for your followers The ways how to take yourself as they are now, some encouraging instructions how to act, to react e tc. 🙂 I didnt mean that i disagree with your post or so, just sharing my opinion, anyway always interesting to read your posts ! =) Thanks for your attention! AND ONE Little favor – pleaaase :))) —– Can you make some lil insta-video abt how to pronounce your name correctly? Cuz i cant even read it – Egreis (is okay for to read and pronounca for me i hope) Gjergjani (im lost in “gjgjgj” ) 🙂 Thank you!!!

  30. Inga says:

    Hi Egi 🙂 Love your posts on all social venues. Wanted to say thank you to be honest with us – just strangers, who have their own and different opinions. You know, i think your story about breast augmentation is very useful: cause you explained all sides of this possible situation: when you were glad that you did it and the other side – you re thinking about gettin your breast to natural size again. (sorry for my english, im russian..) But with rhinoplasty situation you showed only the way youre happy you did it. I mean it’s only your decision to show it from the way you want to, but need to say that you are inspiritation for girls who’s following you(for me too in you amazing looks^^) and social person also – so maybe youd better explain for your followers The ways how to take yourself as they are now, some encouraging instructions how to act, to react e tc. 🙂 I didnt mean that i disagree with your post or so, just sharing my opinion, anyway always interesting to read your posts ! =) Thanks for your attention! AND ONE Little favor – pleaaase :))) —— Can you make some lil insta-video abt how to pronounce your name correctly? Cuz i cant even read it – Egreis (is okay to read and pronounca for me i hope) Gjergjani (im lost in “gjgjgj” ) 🙂 Thank you!!!

  31. Rachel says:

    As a natural G cup I struggled a lot when I was younger with the over exposure of boobage with my clothes, so much so that I wore high neck t-shirts for a few years. Then I realised, so what?! They are part of me and they do not define me, and if anyone has a problem with my outfits and think its “hoochie” and as a result think I am it reflects poorly on them and says more about them than me. At 30 I am more than happy to have them out there as it were, I think of them like ice bergs, only a small portion is actually on show.

  32. Rosie F says:

    I so love reading everything u post, ur one beautiful lady *no homo lol, xoxox from Ut

  33. Rosie F says:

    I so love reading everything u post, ur one beautiful lady *no homo lol, sweetie one question do you speak or understand spanish? I see a lot of comments in spanish so i was just wondering (: xoxox ur Mexican friend lol

  34. Brenda Brito says:

    Wow! so glad to read about your experience, you are so real And unique thanks for sharing! I had a breast augmentation too, 4 years ago, when i was 22 And till now i am so happy i did it, no regrets i used to had a flat chest too like forever but as u i have always love my body the way it is, having the boob job just made my body perfect (for me, lol, ) but now at 26 im 6 months pregnant of a baby boy, mi first son, i due on november And i get what you said, this boobs aré getting huge lol i plan to breastfeed as long a sí can, just like you (you inspired me so Many ways) so i get what you say, Will see maybe after i done having my babys (hubby And i want 3) i will decide about my implants.
    Well there is a little bit of me! Love your blog And IG. Big fan from MExico, sorry for my english, i speak better than i can whrite.
    Happy 8 months to baby GIo. Pictures are amazing he is such a beatifull boy!

    Xoxo beatifull egreis, from your fan from México Brenda 🙂

  35. Melissa says:

    Thank you for being so honest with us! Sending you much love from NYC! XO

  36. Jess Z says:

    You look stunning, Egi, for many many years I have thought about getting a boob job, I’m an A cup. Just when I was ready to set a date, I backed out, I like my small boobs, but I would definitely have a lot more confidence with a bigger size. After reading your experience, I’m not sure if that’s what I want. Thank you for sharing such private things with us. Also thank you for staying real and true with your followers! God bless you and your family.

  37. Jocelyn says:

    Hi! I totally agree with you! In high school, I had a B size cup and thought they were small too. After having my first son, they went to D. After I got done breastfeeding they went down to a size C. With my second baby, they went even bigger DD! I still breastfeed and my breasts are so huge lol (maybe too big for me now). I know they will probably go back to C (whenever my baby stops breastfeeding) I’m happy I didn’t get any implants done they naturally got bigger with pregnancy and breastfeeding. I don’t really care if they sag because they will naturally sag overtime even with implants. With some good exercising it will help with the sagging. I watch that show botched and didnt realize how many people had bad experiences with plastic surgery. Very happy that I didn’t get any implants. Btw I love how honest and real you are 🙂

  38. Marcie says:

    Hi egris thanks so much for sharing

  39. Natasa says:

    Hi Eli,

    This post has helped me a lot…
    I’ve been thinking to do nose job for a while now, but never had courage to put things in action mostly because of all horror stories I’ve heard so far of procedures gone wrong. I think now I might reconsider it again

  40. Ina says:

    Hey egi,
    I’ve been following you ever since you’ve had an Instagram and I honestly think you are an amazing woman. First of all you have balls to tell people about your plastic surgeries. Not a lot of people do that especially in an Albanian culture. Lol! You are so gorgeous!

  41. Abigail Hall says:

    The way you have spoke about your experience is in such a great light and context. I love how you never big anything up you tell everything how it is. I’m 17 and I have always disliked my nose. I’ve always been picked on by boys and have often thought about surgery. But as I don’t have any bumps I really wonder about how the shape of my nose would turn out! Surgery doesn’t scare me too much as I have had corrective surgery on my ears and eyes. I always get made to feel that I’m trying to look perfect when I tell people about procedures I’ve had, but people have picked on me and made me feel like my quirky features were ugly. Your a huge inspiration!

  42. Siggy Yoseth says:

    I absolutely love ya!!! I have been following you for a while now on Instagram, and love to see pics of Prince Geo and of course your beautiful collection of shoes! You are inspiration to many girls out there and can only say : Thank you : for being honest and true 🙂

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Thank you Siggy!!!

  43. Jennifer says:

    Hi I’m so glad that you posted this because I too had a boob job and I would say I was once like you I had almost a full B. I have not had children yet but I worry once I do. I have gained weight and what I wanted was a full C and now I am a full D I can’t wait to have kids so that I can reduce them I don’t want to take the implants completely out but I do want to have a smaller size. I had a great surgeon and they look very natural and I always get compliments on them but I don’t want to have to wear large any more either! So I can relate to the way you feel and I’m glad that I’m not the only one that feels this way. Thanks

  44. Diana says:

    Hi E,
    First of all, whaaaat you are only 27??? (this is in no way criticism, I don’t think you look old, I think you are a hot momma and very pretty) But I will be 27 next year, and I feel nowhere as mature as you seem, and also I haven’t even finished paying my student loans, never mind building up an amazing closet. Like how did you manage that?! give a girl some tips, hehe.
    But secondly, I just wanted to share that I had a breast reduction when I was 19, they were way too big for my otherwise quite petite body and I have been very happy with my decision ever since, but just wanted to say that it is a very long healing procedure when you have to have your boobs reduced and lifted it takes ages to heal, like 4 weeks in bed and then 6 months with no physical activity or even holding heavy things (children count). I realize you are far away from actually doing it, but just felt like sharing.
    BTW I love your IG posts, your shoes, your clothes, but most importantly your Gio! He is just the cutest little Munchkin ever, I can’t wait to have a loving husband and a cute little chubby monkey as well. You inspire me on a daily basis.

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Hi Diana,

      So sorry it’s taking me so long to respond. It was actually in my spam folder and just now saw it. But I just wanted to say Thank You for giving me a heads up on it. I definitely don’t have the time to sit on my butt for 4 weeks and heal, with two little ones that will be running around me very shortly. So that’s great to know. I appreciate it!

  45. Anne says:

    You look amazing! I feel like I spend too much time hating on tiny things that’s wrong with my face/hair/body/whatever and often I don’t feel like wearing nice clothes (even though I have it in my closet), just because I let these tiny things ruin it for me.

    I need to grow myself some confidence, like you! You are glowing!

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Thank you Anne!
      I do that too at times so no worries. It happens to all of us. Just work on it and it gets better.

  46. rocio says:

    Hola soy española, soy midwife y madre de una niña de 17 meses soy seguidora tuya de instagram y a veces del Blog. Me encanta la naturalidad con la q habla de todo. Me parece una mujer 10, muy admirable. Gracias por compartir experiencias tan personales e íntimas que ayudan a muchas mujeres.

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      I don’t speak Spanish love 🙁

  47. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear success stories. I’ve thought about getting rhinoplasty a long time but I’m afraid and end up changing my mind. I’ve looked at “best doctors in NYC” but then I realize that might be out of my price range, which makes me even more scared because I don’t want to settle and end up unhappy.
    I’ve found a doctor, seen his before and afters and they all look natural which is important to me. Do you have any advice on what kinds of questions I should ask/look for in a doctor/consultation before I say yes?

    I love your blog and thank you for sharing your life with the world. You inspire women like me!

  48. Sondra says:

    Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.
    I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look
    forward to new posts.