Natural Pictures Are Never Truly Natural

Beauty | Jul 30, 2014

I woke up today with the mission of filming a “How I curl my hair” video. Let’s just say I always wake up full of goals and missions but end up with a recipe post somewhere in the end. Blame Gio for that 🙂 But after I put him to sleep for his afternoon nap I got in the shower with the goal that I was going to tape it after I got out.

I asked my friend Veronica to take some pictures of me and my hair right after shower. I had no make up on but I looked in the mirror and I felt good! In my head I’m thinking “I got this. This is a good day lol” cuz lord knows there are some days where this whole natural face thing just doesn’t quite work the way I want it to. But today I felt good! So she took some pictures of me. I looked and damn near lost my breath. How in the world can it look so bad on camera? It’s either I’m not as cute as I think or this camera needs to be replaced. But really I’m learning that it’s neither. It’s all in our head! We are our own worst critic.

Anyways, Gio woke up shortly after so there goes my video…womp womp! It’s 8.37 pm right now and I just put Gio to sleep. Let’s just say today has been a rough day with him. Hence my lack of pictures on IG. Usually, when he naps I’m quick to post a picture or two, but today not so much. He had me going nonstop. Teething. So as I was nursing him upstairs in his room, I took my phone and started looking at pictures from earlier today. The first time looking at each of them I thought “not bad”, then the more I kept scrolling back and forth and revisiting them I swear I saw monsters on there. Is it just me or you guys experience the same? Well, perhaps not monsters, but do you ever look at a picture of yourself for a bit longer than you probably should and start going from “oh this is cute” to “hell no”. That was me tonight. I had the intention of posting one of them….then I stopped myself. I said no way in hell I’m doing that. Doesn’t look cute. Something hit me. Why in the world do I give a damn? I  mean really? Does it matter? Am I going to sleep any worse? Not get enough food? Not be able to pay mortgage? Get sicker? NO. So really, why do I care? Why do we ALL care? As long as I like what I look like, and really I do. If only the camera could capture what I see we’d be good! LOL. But it doesn’t work like that.

So I decided to post all 5 pictures. Some had me looking dark, some light, some with red cheeks, some not, screw it! My point in doing so is to let everyone know that if you mess with your photos, or tweak them, or take a million of them before you decide on one you somewhat like, you are NOT alone. We all do it. I bet you men do too. Don’t let them fool you. We are all self conscious. Show me a girl who doesn’t love some Valencia filter? Shoot I do. I add a little bit of it to EVERYTHING. And all those make up girls posting “I woke up like this/ no make up” pictures…..yea! Guarantee you they are all sponsored by Perfect365 app or whatever you call it. Im lying. I know damn well it’s called Perfect365. Shoot, it’s my favorite app. Point is, we all do it. So don’t feel like you are less pretty than any of us. It’s all a “who can fool others the most with my “natural” picture” lol!

Anyways, honestly I no longer care. I’m done. I feel good in my skin. Damn good actually. I’ve watched enough proactiv commercials to realize I got it good. And even if I didn’t….actually there has been years I didn’t have it like this, and suffered from breakouts….but even if I had that now, I would not care. It’s not worth it! There is nothing and I mean NOTHING someone else thinks about you or your beauty that will make or break you. There is nothing that will add any substance to your life. Yes beautiful women get ahead in life. So when you’re feeling like you’re not at your best, get that make up bag out and go at it! Shoot, I can look like JLO if I put a whole bunch of it on. But know that your natural self is perfect the way it is. And just like you, EVERY woman struggles with their natural beauty at times. Yes even JLO. There are days I think I’m fine as hell with no make up, and days that I feel like OKAYYYYY NOT GOING OUT IN PUBLIC today. So what? Embrace it.

Now I’m not saying I’m no longer going to post pictures with no filters….I need me some contrast in my IG life. But I will say this….I no longer give much of a damn about your opinion on what I look like. I love it and that’s that!

Here’s a big picture for you to pick on all you want 🙂 and excuse me while I let my hubby pop this big ol’ pimple I have on my face. FML.

Egreis Gjergjani

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  1. Jess says:

    This is the first time that I am reading your blog, and your are absolutely amazing. I enjoyed reading about what you have to say!
    Keep going! You are doing a great job!
    Lots of love xxx

  2. Anna says:

    First time for me too. I’m soo addicted, I went from one to the other and other post. I’m from Dominican Republic heard about this blog because of @nailsbyarelisp she recreated one of your outfits on her nails, gorgeous. Keep posting I’m a mommy too and passionate about shoes as well. XOXO

    Regards from Dominican Republic


  3. Polished Primadonna says:

    I’m in the beauty industry and that can be damaging within itself, but I love the skin I’m in and encouraging other women to feel the same! I’m so glad you’ve shared this with us. Although we only know your online persona, you seem like a genuinely humble and amazing individual.

    Yes honey, you deserve everythannng you have.

    No. Apologies.


  4. Pebbles says:

    Yesss!!! I love this post ,of course you look beautyful!!!!! And if u look my ig pics most of my selfies are with no make up on ,some w filters and some with no filters..I love make up,i Work in a Beauty salón for years And now I am at home with my boys and enjoyin my time without make up

  5. Dominibori88 says:

    You look beautiful regardless ! Thank you for being you !