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Travel | Aug 30, 2014

It’s been a long month….and it’s not over yet! It has been hectic and busy to say the least, but all in the most amazing ways possible. Minus a few days of fever and sickness for both Gio and I. I am pretty sure I jinxed him. A few days ago I posted something on my Instagram page, saying I was so happy and blessed he hadn’t gotten sick yet. Well two days later, VOILA! lol. But it was nothing serious. If anything, I think it was because I took him to the zoo on a very hot day (not the brightest thing I’ve done) and he ended up having fever just that night only. Nothing else the rest of the week though. WHEW! It could have been a lot worse. Me on the other hand…a lot worse haha. But I’ve managed. Thanks to my amazing family, I’m getting better 🙂

I just got back from my NY trip not long ago, and as much as I shared on my Instagram page, I figured I’ll recap everything on here and share all of the outfit details, in case you missed them! <3

Gio at the airport

Gio at the airport

Gio has 4 teeth so far. The top and bottom two. You can barely see the top ones in any of his pictures but the bottom two are quite noticeable as you can see 🙂 I find them soooo adorable! They make his smile that much cuter. Of course I think that…I’m his mother!

If you can’t tell by now, I love taking pictures, especially of my son. I have at least 4000 pictures of him so far and it hasn’t even been 9 months yet. Oh well..you can never have enough. I want to grasp every little moment I can. Some of my favorite shots are of him either in a diaper only or completely butt nakey 🙂 He’s just so chubby and yummy it’s impossible to resist. Here are some pictures of Gio at the hotel:

My husband was attending a conference, while I got to catch up with some of my old friends that reside in the city. The first day there, I had lunch with my friend Troy and dinner with my husband and our friend Fabio, who’s an AMAZING fashion artist. Check out his work: instagram.com/ponyy_boyy

During the day I wore a POPOFJUNK trench skirt paired with a Marciano off shoulder top, Phillip Lim bag and Fendi shoes.

At night, I decided to wear my Tom Ford knee high boots that I purchased a year and a half ago in London and never got a chance to wear. My shirt dress is from Alexander Wang and my bow tie is from YSL. As much as I love these boots, the plastic part that rests on the low end of my shins KILLS. It digs right on my skin and well…within 15 minutes I was ready to burst out of them. Coming from someone who refuses to take off ANY heels as long as she loves them, that says a lot. So I’m either going to have to adjust that part, or give up on these amazing boots. I haven’t decided yet. But I lasted in them long enough to take a picture or two!

I switched to a pair of pink So Kate’s by Christian Louboutin. Easiest pair to walk in (in my opinion). Here’s a picture of me and the fabulous Fabio! I love him and his genuine soul! Mark my words…this boy will make it!

And get this, we have the same style of tattoo, on the same wrist! This was done before we even knew each other! Great minds <3

The next day I had a great lunch with my Albanian beauties who live in Jersey but work in New York. A little coffee, a little margarita, and a baklava later we were laughing and enjoying the rest of the beautiful sunny New York afternoon! Gio got to meet his future wife (yes, it’s already decided hahahha).

Egreis Gjergjani

I wore Enza Costa Ribbed Tank Dress by ShopBop and Christian Louboutin Heels. Because the heel on this shoe is thicker than usual, it makes them a lot more comfortable than they look.

My husband and I had made dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant ever “Milos” and I had been dying to wear this suit from BEBE I had bought not long ago. I think it’s still available :). I paired it with a Stella McCartney bra underneath and Christian Louboutin clear and black pumps. Don’t mind my nursing boobs! Gio used one for lunch and saved the other for dinner LOL 🙂

Christian Louboutin

Speaking of boobs…okay I didn’t realize how sensitive people can get when they see cleavage. I get a lot of unsolicited opinions on pictures of me breastfeeding where you can BARELY even see anything but believe it or not, I get way more hate on those pictures, than the ones I posted on this night. Regardless. Here is what I do not get…it is obvious that I’m going out with my husband by my side. What exactly is the issue? Because he doesn’t seem to mind it. You can tell by the big ol’, cheesy smile he has on 🙂 So if he doesn’t, then why would others find it sooooo outrageous? It baffles me.

I felt FAT for 5 months after I gave birth. I felt like a cow for most of my pregnancy being that I gained so much, and even after I gave birth, since all I did was eat and nurse ALL day long. So now that I have shed it off and feel good and proud, can a woman just get out of her usual uniform and live it up with her husband for once? I have no shame in it. If anything I think it was tastefully done. But this is my opinion. People are entitled to theirs.

Egreis Gjergjani

My third day in New York, I wore a Kenzo Sweater and a topshop vinyl skirt paired with Orange So Kate’s by Christian Louboutin.

The question I get the most….Do my feet hurt after walking in heels all day? or “How do you do it”? It’s not a big secret, nor do I have any tricks up my sleeves. I simply SUCK IT UP! Yes they hurt. Over the years I’ve worn heels for so long that I have gotten used to them. You will never get used to them to the point where they don’t hurt..but you will get used to them enough to learn how to accept and just deal with the pain. People often say they don’t buy Louboutins because they don’t want to pay that kind of money for shoes that hurt…I get it. BUT beauty is pain. You want comfort and luxury? Then go for a low heel. But guarantee you it won’t look as sexy as these other kinds. So suck it up like the rest of us and just do it. A few bandaids and some calluses later you will be okay and probably a pro at this! My pinkie doesn’t even look like a toe anymore LOL. I don’t care. I love high heels enough to accept this as a consequence. On the bright side, I have gotten some toned legs out of it. I’ll take that trade.

Egreis Gjergjani and Jeremy

We had a nice lunch and then went shopping. I was on a mission to find a dress for a charity event my husband and I had to attend a week later. I bought a beautiful Cushnie Et Ochs dress but ended up not wearing it the night of the event. I found this Herve Leger dress I bought last year, still in tags, that I was able to squeeze into! I’ll post about that night some other time (waiting on the photographer to send me some pictures he took of us that night).

At night, we took a casual stroll around the City. Gio loves lights and anything that has to do with water fountains or water in general. My little handsome gentleman!

The morning before we headed back home, I had a quick lunch with my Albanian loves one more time. This time, my friend Elona joined us too. She just got back from Albania a day prior so I was so happy she could come see me! Her and her little daughter are to die for!!!! I told her my mission is to make her move closer to me! *fingers crossed*

I wore Topshop jeans, Forever 21 bodysuit, Louboutin pumps, and Chanel necklace. I wish I knew where the sunglasses were from, but I got them at one of those cheap kiosks at the mall. I think you can easily find them too.

After breakfast, we headed to the airport. I took the cutest pictures of my hubby and son on the ride there. I didn’t feel the need to explain this on the caption because I honestly didn’t think people would even question this whatsoever (my gullible self) but I should have known better so I’m going to explain it on here….I might not be a perfect person, nor a perfect mother, but when it comes to my son I’m the best there can ever be for him. He is literally my everything. From the moment I wake up to the last thing I see or think about when I go to sleep. My son is me and I am him. There is NOTHING I would do to put him at risk. So when I do something, or decide something for him it is because it is the best choice there is to make given whatever situation or circumstance I am in at the moment.

Gio and daddy

In these pictures you will notice that my child is not in a car seat. See, I would never even think to question a parent if I saw this, because now that I am a parent myself I know that sometimes “shit” happens so there must be a reason a child is not safely latched in a car seat. My husband and I ordered a car to take us to the airport. We requested a car seat to be installed in it. When I got in, the car seat smelled like rotten eggs. It was disgusting. Once I took a closer look it had vomit in it. Now, perhaps you are the kind of parent that would decide that latching him in there would still be safer than not doing so. I chose otherwise. Maybe not the most ideal choice ever, but hey that’s what I felt was best for him at the time, given what I was presented with. As parents, we will come across these kind of situations. It’s not given that we will always make the right decision, but that’s the thing about parenting. It’s not supposed to be perfect.

Our flight home was manageable. Gio did very well. He slept almost the entire time. If you would like to read some tips about traveling with a small baby I wrote a post not too long ago: Egreis Gjergjani – Traveling With A Baby.

I just put Gio in his bed. Let’s hope he stays asleep the entire night. Lately, he has been waking up often. And I desperately need some sleep! Although, I have to say I don’t mind those cuddles at night with him!


Egreis Gjergjani

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  1. Crystal says:

    . I would like to say that your son is simply precious and another point I would like to make is that I’m so sorry that you have to explain yourself in the pictures of your son not in a car seat. I’m a mom of 2 and shit does happen. I get so annoyed that people are judging you for making the best choice for your son. Especially other moms that are faced with doing the “right thing” and making others happy so they don’t feel judged or put down. Moms need to make the best decision for there children and there selves , it’s called being a parent and who cares what others think!

  2. Carol says:

    I follow you on IG and often read your blog. I think you’re amazing. People tend to judge others just to feel good about themselves. Just ignore them. You do the best for your baby boy, this is the important part!

    keep being gourgeus as you are and dont mind the rest!

    1. Denise says:

      I love reading your posts! I just had my little girl 5 months ago and you inspired me to start a blog of my own (: although I’m horrible at keeping up with it lol. I love how honest you are and all your experiences. It’s unfortunate how people can be so cruel and judgemental when you are willing to share your personal life. I hope that it doesn’t discourage you and you keep writing because I can certainly relate to you as being a new mom. Keep up the amazing job your doing with Gio and God bless your whole family as well (:

  3. Ashley says:

    I Love the Bebe suit & the kenzo sweater outfit! I think the bra was okay but IMO a crop top would have looked better and perhaps been in better taste. (Maybe next time?) Also, have you ever noticed everyone in NYC walking around with car seats while trying to hail cabs? You haven’t? Well that’s because nobody uses them. I guess next time you can just duct tape him to the seat to please the naysayers 😉 your son is gorgeous and you look great.