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I decided to make the switch to http://www.stilettomeup.xyz

You may have not heard about it, but .xyz is the go-to new domain extension. My Trojan (USC) friend, Daniel Negari, whom I met a few years ago when I used to be in the Affiliate Marketing business, is the man behind it all. He launched .xyz not long ago and has been pretty darn successful so far. So I am happy to relaunch my blog on http://www.StilettoMeUp.xyz

Why the switch? I had stilettomeup.com and other ones related to it. My brand name is uncommon enough that I was lucky to get the .com domain for it. But for many other bloggers and companies in general it is hard to obtain a .com domain that matches your company name. Reason why is because .com has been used for years and years as the main domain extension. Well finally that can change. You have a chance to get even your firstname.xyz if you wanted to. And how cool would that be? Like http://www.sarah.xyz for example?

So if you run a website I recommend you buy a .xyz domain. You no longer need those long domain names  just to have a .com site running. You can get something short and easy to remember. Plus, to me, .xyz sounds a lot cooler than .com so I am happy I made the change. I was even able to buy http://www.stilettos.xyz 🙂 

Since I bought a whole new domain, I decided to get a new design for it as well! What do you guys think? I hope you like it. It is optimized for mobile as well so no more trouble finding my posts like you used to. This should be a lot quicker and more user friendly.

I would be happy to hear your feedback on my blog! So please share.

Egreis Gjergjani