Trip: Cancun, Mexico [The Grand – Moon Palace]

Travel | Mar 21, 2020

I’m going to start blogging after each trip I take, so that I can give my review and share my experience of the overall trip, the hotel we stayed at, and what my tips and recommendations are for anyone that is going to the same place.

Let’s start with the Cancun, Mexico trip we took recently.

My husband and I go to Cancun often (at least once a year). It is the closest city in Mexico to us (we are located in Kansas City) and it has turned into a quick getaway for us, whenever we need to unwind for a few days. This time, we decided to take the kids with us to give them a fun and enjoyable experience.

We did some research on the resorts that were there, and after all the reviews and all of the amenities listed for each hotel, we picked The Grand Hotel at Moon Palace. It is a huge hotel group that owns a bunch of hotels in that area (and also other countries too). The Moon Palace is a “palace” indeed. It’s like its own town, that’s how big it is. The Grand is just one area of it, and they have other hotels next to it.

If you are staying at The Grand, then you can access all of the other areas of the Moon Palace. But if you are staying at the other areas, you cannot access The Grand areas. A bit confusing at first because it’s just a huge place.

The Grand is a place full of buildings that are all numbered. They all look the same for the most part. All buildings have about 4 floors. The lobby was beautiful. Everything looked very neat, organized, and clean. The hotel rooms were spacious and gave a light and airy look and feel.

There were 20+ restaurants and tons of pool areas for the kids. If you are a family that likes to be busy and do different things every day, this resort is definitely one for you. It has pool areas as well as different beach areas. It is so big, that most of the time we ended up having to get on the carts to get around.

We got to do some cool things such as bowling, went to the beach (there were hammocks to lay in), went to a lot of their pools including the adult pool, play area for kids, biking, etc.

I wasn’t amazed with the food service, I’ll be honest. Even though there were 20 restaurants, we weren’t blown away by any one of them in particular, but the best one out of all is the Lebanese Restaurant called Habibi. They had belly dancers performing every 30 minutes after 6 pm (my boys loved this lol).

One of my favorite places inside of the resort was this French cafe place where they made crepes! That had to have been my highlight of the resort when it comes to food.

When you check in, you are each given a bracelet, and because it is an all inclusive resort, you will need to keep that bracelet on at all times. It is also the key to your door, which I found it to be very convenient. Inside each room, they supply you with a beach bag, which came in very handy.

If you are traveling with little ones, do not worry about bringing beach toys or floaties. Next to each pool, there is a small shop that has all kinds of pool/beach goodies such as toys, towels, floaties, hats, sunscreen etc. I thought we were prepared and didn’t need anything until we got there and ended up needing a lot more sunscreen and toys than we had planned for.

We traveled with our nannies which gave my husband and I some time to do walks at night, smoke some hookah, and just enjoy the late hours of the day while the kids went to bed. There is a lot of space and a lot of greenery so it is quite pleasant at night.

Room service was amazing! When you first check in, they tell you to download their app which is where you can book a lot of the things you want as well as order room service. I actually found the food that came from room service to be better than the one at the restaurants we went to! I got fillet fish and it was delicious!

Overall we had an amazing week there! I’m not usually a fan of big places. I also don’t like to be around a lot of people, but that’s just my introverted personality. However, I have to say once I got used to the resort, I enjoyed it a lot.

My recommendations:

  • Bring your kids’ fav toys and iPad (if any)
  • Swim shirts for kids (sun is really hot)
  • Sun hat for kids and yourself
  • Inflatables (if you want to save money. They were $35 there
  • Walking shoes
  • Books

  MY REVIEW: Highly recommend The Grand at Moon Palace  

Here are some photos from the trip:

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