What Cameras And Apps Do Instagram Make Up Artists Use – Secrets Revealed

Beauty | Oct 04, 2014

samsung galaxy 2It seems to be the biggest secret on Instagram! Very rarely do people on Instagram share what secret devices/apps they use to accentuate their pictures. I, personally, do not care to keep it to myself. First of all, I’m not a make up artist, nor will I ever really have the need to take close up pictures of my make up. But I do think it looks amazing when I see it on my feed. Some of these women are very, very talented but they have also learned all the right ways to capture their talent on film.

It is very hard to take pictures that truly capture the beauty of something in real life. For the last few years, I had NO clue how to do it. There were times I got my make up done and LOVED it but if I ever took a picture up close and personal, I looked like a ghost with baby powder underneath my eyes. Of course, in person it looked nothing like it. But with a regular camera or my phone, it would come out horribly. So I stopped trying.

I’ve been switching back and forth from iPhones to galaxy ones, trying to find the best camera. If you are active on social media, especially a picture platform like Instagram, taking good pictures is something you are interested in. It wasn’t until recently that I realized if I wanted to take great shots and look flawless, I would have to invest in a good camera. Common sense, right? But the reason I never did was because the thought of taking pictures with a big, ol’ camera, then having to upload the picture on my laptop or dropbox, then going on the phone and uploading it there, and finally on Instagram, just sounded like such a tedious process. Who wants to do all that?

Samsung galaxy 2

Then I found the perfect camera out there! I chose to go with Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 16.3MP CMOS with 21x Optical Zoom and 4.8″ Touch Screen LCD (WiFi & NFC- White). There are many other cameras similar to this so feel free to browse around. But what’s important is that they have great lens; Wi-Fi, can even connect to your device in case you are in a no WIFI zone. Some of the other features are social media integration (you can download apps and directly upload pictures from the camera, much like your phone). You can integrate your emails and even download other picture apps if you wanted to play around with your photos and edit them however you please.

samsung galaxy 2

One of my favorite things about the camera is that it has SO many different modes. You can choose the “beauty” mode which is designed to give you a flawless finish, or you can choose “Action Freeze”, “Party/Indoor”, “Waterfall”, “Landscape”, you name it. They even have one called “Kids Shot” where the camera plays music so that you can grab your child’s attention! GENIUS lol. I always look like I’m high on something when I try to take pictures of Gio. I’m either jumping around, making funny noises, you name it. Anything to keep him looking at the camera haha! Another cool mode they have is “Eraser” which basically takes 5 consecutive pictures and erases the moving objects in the background, if you wanted to. It’s purely amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t find this sooner! You have got to look into it.

samsung galaxy 2

Now let’s talk about some of the apps I have found/downloaded or have come across that can do wonders!

Here is a list:

Facetune (probably THE best photo app ever created! You can blur the background, soften your skin, brighten your eyes, lighten your teeth, you name it)
PicTapGo (great for lighting adjustments and all kinds of filters)
PhotoGrid (an Android app that is designed to put pictures together into a collage)
Instasize (fits your entire picture into a box so that you can upload it on IG and not have to crop anything)
Perfect365 (You can practically get a whole new set of eyes, lips, nose ahhahah a whole new face basically)
Photo Editor Plus (pretty similar to Instagram features and filters)
Snapseed (you can select which areas to brighten, if you don’t want to brighten the entire picture)

how to take instagram picturesAnother great trick, especially for make up artists who want those super zoomed in shots of their work, take one of those vanity mirrors (normally they come with a magnifying mirror on one side and a regular one on the other), but make sure you choose one that has a lighted ring all around it. The brighter, the better. Hold it up, near your face and take a shot. You might need someone’s help at first, until you become a contortionist and figure it out how to do it yourself 🙂

And lastly, one thing that these amazing Instagram pros have mastered is the angle of the shots as well as picking great backgrounds. Some of the most captivating pictures out there are those that have a very plain, one color only, solid background. Those will make YOU pop in the picture, without making the picture too busy. If you cannot get a plain background in whatever setting you are in, then use the BLUR feature from one of the apps above. It instantly gives focus to you and not everything else that is in the picture. You probably have noticed me doing that a lot with Gio’s pictures. As a rule of thumb, you can never go wrong with a white background.

Now some of you are probably reading this and asking “is it that serious”? No, of course not. Nothing other than your health is. But why not have a little fun with this? If you are into taking pictures and sharing them on social media, then this might be for you! If not, all good too 🙂 My point in this is to let all of my readers know that NO ONE is perfect. Those beautiful pictures you see online, heck even mine, are NOT always the way they really are. We all love a little tweaking. I personally don’t think I’m that great with pictures. People often tell me I look much better in person. I think that has to do with the fact that in person, people see your entire 3D version, full of personality, laughter, smiles, you name it. I also don’t really give too much importance to what a picture looks like. I’ve posted pictures of me without make up, completely unedited, and I’ve also posted full on make up, “gave myself a damn new face” type pictures too. It’s all FUN.

Here is the edited vs. unedited picture I just posted on Instagram 🙂 hehe. I got rid of my PORES! Lol.

egreis edited and unedited



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  1. Ego charles says:

    Thank you for this truth,seems instagram celebs want to die with this theory! No one wants to open up,they all claim iPhone

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      hahaha I know. I’ve noticed that too!

  2. Alissaspa says:

    Thanks for sharing darlinlg, ive been looking lately for an app so i can show a pic with make up without looking like a shtrige

  3. Alyssa says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have started a blog and am using my Instagram page to help generate traffic. The list of apps you shared will greatly help me in perfecting my photos! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      My Pleasure!

  4. TT says:

    Just out of curiosity…How much is samsung paying you????? Lol

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Actually, I wish they did. Cuz they will probably get a lot of sales. But nope. Here’s my amazon order confirmation 🙂 http://localhost/stilettomeup/?p=3272

  5. Phoenix says:

    Which of those apps, besides the one you specifically listed, is for the android platform?

  6. Alessandra says:

    Can I just say, every time I come on your blog ( and well, that;s at least twice a day lol) and I see a new post, I’m like ‘whoop whoop let me get a cup of tea and a snack before I dive into the post! hahaha Thank you for sharing this with your readers,although some of these ‘perfect’ girls on Insta might be cursing you LOL

    You are a great blogger, I love both your writing and dressing style! Have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo from London

    1. Egreis Gjergjani says:

      Thank you beautiful. I hope to see you at my meet and greet in London on October 19th at 1 pm. Location is at the gianmarcolorenzI store

  7. Ydelka says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing tips. I have to say you look gorgeous in both pics. You don’t need to edit your pictures.

  8. Miniameal says:

    This is a beautiful post. Thanks

  9. Tina says:

    The only one I have ever used is Facetune.

  10. ayah says:

    This my sound stalkerish but honestly it’s not lol. I have been following your instagram for some time now and it seems the more time goes by the more you show what a beautiful person you are. your such a role model to so many people yet all your posts are so genuine and humble. Your son and family are so blessed to have you, as are your readers. As a young female instagram can play on many insecurities especially with the insta celebs yet your posts always bring back reality with positiveness. I just wanted to thank you for your genuine love to all your readers and please always stay the way you are x

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    Amazing post

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    Thank you so much for being so humble, honest and amazingly funny ! J’adore! Love from france ! Bisous

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    Awesome post! Thank you so much for the great tips, and congratulations!

  15. basedangie says:

    thanks for sharing. those make up people always lie and say it’s an iPhone camera. if that were the case everyone with and iPhone would have awesome pictures! im gonna follow you on Instagram now! 🙂

  16. Jeff says:

    I love this post. Phones paired with apps have come a long way. I will have to admit though that I am mostly an iPhone all the way guy, but I do have my tricks of the trade as a professional photog.

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    Thank your so awesome and beautiful as well!!

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    What a great post, thanks for all of your tips girl! Xo

    I recently started a beauty page on Instagram and I’ve been literally afraid to ask anyone which apps they use! I’m soooo happy I came across your post!

  20. Rhenicia says:

    Seriously! This is such a great post, I recently made a new beauty page on Instagram and have been afraid to ask anyone what apps they use because that information seems so “sacred” to everyone lol!!

    That camera is sick!! How is the video quality? Kid mode!? I love that!! I was thinking about purchasing a Canon T5i though ; what do you think?