What is a Vision Board and how to make one? – My 2020 Vision Board

Lifestyle | Mar 25, 2020

Every year, I dedicate a few hours to making a vision board for the year. I am behind this year, as I normally make one at the start of each year, but I finally got mine done.

Curious about vision boards and what they are? Keep reading as I break it down and show you the steps to make one. Don’t like reading? I get it. Watch my Youtube video below:

What is a vision board?

A vision board, also known as “dream board” is a board full of inspirational images, quotes, keywords, letters, objects, symbols, etc that represent things/goals you are trying to accomplish in life (you choose which timeframe – I personally like to do a yearly one).

Why do people make vision boards? What is the purpose?

Everyone has their own personal reasons. Here are my reasons for making a vision board:

It is relaxing and helps with stress.
Whenever I make a vision board, I like to put myself in a quiet room, with candles and soft music. I put myself in the “zone” and it helps me shut the outside World out for just a few hours, which is a great feeling.

Helps me get a clear idea of what my goals are.
Creating a vision board forces you to THINK about yourself, your ideas, your goals and aspirations. It’s a chance to connect with yourself. The deeper you dig, the more you find. I personally really enjoy the whole self-discovery process.

If it’s on paper, then I must get it done.
I personally like writing things down, or using images to describe things I want. In a bizarre way, it makes it more real. As if my determination to achieve these things kicked in a lot harder once I put it on a board. Maybe it’s because I like a challenge and am competitive by nature, so knowing that I will have to check on this board a year from now to see how I’ve done, will drive me to accomplish these things.

– Law of attraction.
Whatever energy you put out into the universe is what you will receive back from it. Through a vision board, you are telling the Universe “this is what I want – this is what I want to get done”. And if you believe in it enough to put it down on a board, then you believe you are capable and deserving of achieving such things. What you see yourself getting is what you shall get it. I highly recommend reading this (it will change your life)

– Daily affirmation and reminder.
I put my vision board up in my office, or any room I spend a lot of time in. The purpose of that is so that I am reminded daily of what my goals are and I do not lose track of what is important to me.

How do you make a vision board?

How you make a vision board is completely up to you. Some of us are really crafty and creative and go all out *raises hand*, while others are a lot less fancy with it and more direct and straight to the point. Your vision board is 100% yours and however you want it to look is how it should look.

making a vision board

There are different ways people make vision boards. You could use photos/illustrations from magazines, internet, photos you’ve taken, etc to describe your goals. Have a car you really want to drive one day? Perhaps you print or cut out an image of that car from a magazine and tape it on the board. But, maybe you’re more of a “writing things down” kind of person. Is it an Audi? Maybe you just write the word “Audi R8” (just an example) on the board.

Some people may not know exactly which particular goals they have, or things they want. But perhaps they have a theme or spiritual idea of which direction they want their life to go. I have friends for example that are looking for love and a healthy relationship. So the boards Ive seen them make are full of nature (peaceful), yoga (healthy), and romantic getaways (relationship) photos.

If you take a look at the vision board I made, you will see that mine is a mix of images and as well as writings all over it. I like using symbols (for example an airplane decal for travel), inspirational photos (usually from Pinterest or magazines), and words (I either write it myself or cut out letters from magazines).

Egreis Gjergjani vision board
My 2020 Vision Board

So where do you begin exactly? What do you need to make a vision board?

Well, you first start with a board! I went to hobby lobby (a local store near me) and grabbed a thick, white board. Not too big, not too small (check the photos for reference). Other things you may want to get are: glue or tape, markers, magazines, decals, letters or words from craft store etc.

Once I have laid everything out on the floor, I start by going through magazines first and I cut out any images or words that jump to me. I separate them on the floor by different areas of my life: home, work, travel, personal.

Then I go through all the images and words I’ve selected, and see if I got everything I want to highlight all of the things I want to put on the vision board. If I don’t have it all, then I go on Pinterest and print particular images or words I want to include on the board in addition to the stuff I found in magazines.

Once I have cut everything out, I start playing with them on the board by laying them in different sections, overlapping one over the other, etc. I personally like sectioning the board off by areas of life. So for my own board, you will notice my career/work section is on the right of the board. Then I include travel and my own personal goals in the middle, then I move over to the home section and family. Then on top I lay the big letters that are my overall theme for the year.

This year, I am focusing on gratitude. Being grateful and appreciative of everything. With all that is happening around the World, with Corona Virus, it has been such a wake up call and the one thing I find myself constantly doing is feeling thankful and grateful that I am surrounded by family. Feeling like I have taken all the simple things for granted, such as being able to go anywhere without limits. And now being quarantined, I realize how much of a privilege that is. The life my kids and I live, the things we do, how we live is all a privilege and shouldn’t be taken for granted. So yes, gratitude is the keyword of the year for me. So I made sure to place it in the middle so that I am reminded of that every day.

Do vision boards work? Should I really make one or is it a waste of time?

I recommend making a vision board if you enjoy putting your goals and ideas on paper. If you like having a visual representation of what you want to achieve in life, then a vision board would be a great place to start. It isn’t magic. It is not somehow going to make you achieve everything you want simply because you put it down on a board. The idea behind it is that if you want things or have this goals of yours and you want to achieve them badly, then you will do all the work that it takes to get there. The universe will align everything up for you so that you are able to reach your goals, but it will only do so if you truly and utterly believe that you want and should have these things.

When someone really wants something, they change their life and do what it takes to get those things and though it may seem like a miracle, (though not, because you are putting in the work), you will notice that a lot of these things will come to fruition.

Wearing Navy Polka Dot onesie from http://www.byegreis.com

It isn’t magic though. It is just your hard work. The vision board will serve as a daily reminder so that you don’t lose track of what you want and what needs to get done to get there. So that is why I highly recommend it and it has “worked” for me.

Give it a try and see how you like it. At the very least, it has got to be a rewarding experience to just get to know yourself more and what you deem important. It is a great exercise. And I plan on doing it every year, and slowly but surely will get my kids on that same path (if they enjoy it).

My vision boards from 2019 and 2020

Curious about the very first vision board I made? I blogged about it! Check it out – it’s my Vision Board from 2012!



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